Welcome to the Symposium on Gender Responsive Budgetting

Venue: Shalom House

Dates: 25th to 26th June 2015

The symposium on Gender Responsive Budgeting will take place in Shalom House along St. Daniel Comboni Road off Ngong Road in Nairobi Kenya on 25th to 26th June 2015. The symposium will begin at 8.30 am and end at 4.00 pm for each day.

The sysmposium addresses challenges of feminization of poverty as a result of equity problems. It intends to increase gender equality and equity within the development space in Kenya’s counties by specifically focusing on the  public budgets and gender specific policies. Equity problems in most cases occur due to the fact that, people at the cracks of the society are not brought to the core. If this situation is perpetuated, the people at the periphery  eventually get forgotten. It is in this light that we focus on gender responsive budgeting,a process that is inclusive and ensures that the budget meets the micro-individual variations prevalent in the society. At the same time, it considers the needs of women who bear the great burden in their families, the micro societal units.

Part of the  challenge posed by the equity problem as far as budgeting with respect to gender concerns, is due to the fact that women do not participate in the budgeting process. The symposium will help in the analysis of impediments to women’s participation in popular processes. It also aims at discussing impediments to women’s participation in public interest and development processes. A highlight will be made on how women can strategically approach the electioneering period in 2017 as a way of addressing the equity challenge.

The following will form the gist of the topics during the symposium:

1. Does gender mainstreaming capacity building impact gender responsiveness in organizations? A case study of Kenya Peace Network (KPN)

2. Analysing current gender policies with special respect to GRB

3. Analysis of the public budgeting processes and budgets with respect to encouraging women participation and issues of concern to them

4. Discussing approaches to social accountability and public expenditure tracking in the counties

5. Government’s (national and counties) role in ensuring gender responsive budgeting, reducing gender inequalities and promoting women’s rights

6. Networking among GRB actors

The participation fee for the symposium is Kshs, 5000. For further information please contact us at consolationeastafrica@gmail.com or call us at 0720812638. Please follow us on twitter @consafri and facebook https://www.facebook.com/consolation.afrika?fref=ts for more updates.


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  1. Terry Muttayi
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 21:17:59

    ok noted. will attend but i don’t know what is required of me.Terry Muttayi.



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