Basic Project Management Training at KARDS, February 2015

KARDS offers you the opportunity to begin the year by sharpening your project managerial and leadership skills. This opportunity is designed to enable you acquire strategies needed to be on top of issues, improve productivity and general individual and organizational performance in 2015.

We hence invite you to our course on Basic Project Management this February. The course will later be followed with advanced skills in project management in April. Our project management courses target county leaders, religious leaders, civil society leaders, Chief executive officers, corporate and non-corporate leaders, Managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, programme and project managers/officers, social workers.

Course Objective: This course has been designed to improve participants understand of the dynamics involved in designing, creating and implementing projects focusing on reinforcing participants managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial excellence.

Program Duration: Mon. 16th February – Fri. 20th February, 2015 (8:30am – 4:00pm daily)

Venue: Shalom House, Off Ng’ong Rd. St. Daniel Comboni Rd.

Course Outline:
• Exploring General Dimensions and Features with respect to projects
• Project Idea Development, and mobilization of start-up Support
• Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis and Project Feasibility Study
• Project Design and Appraisal
• Project Launch and Support Mechanism
• Project Proposal Formulation
• Project Cycle Management: Participatory Planning
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Introduction to Project Budgeting
• Introduction to Effective Project Resource Management
• Project Appraisal and Adjustments
• Decision Making Tools
• The Role of IT in Project Management
• Moral and Ethical Dilemmas

Cost: Khs. 15,000 per participant. The cost is inclusive of training fee, training materials, meals and a certificate. Certificates will only be issued to those who successfully complete the training.

Residential facilities can also be arranged upon timely request.


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