Koinonia Youngsters Bring Peace at Teatro Rossetti Vasto


The Koinonia Children travelling all over the world taking with them a message of peace!

The Koinonia Children travelling all over the world taking with them a message of peace!

Baba Yetu Uliye Mbinguni

Emotions and applause last night at Teatro Rossetti Vasto for the show of young acrobats Kivuli Centre in Nairobi (Follow link for original story in Italian). On stage young Kenyans , the youngest of six years and a half , the eldest 21 , all boys that Father Renato Kizito Sesana rescued from the street and returned to a life of dignity .

And today the youngsters go around the world bringing their message of peace and solidarity . The appointment of Vasto was organized thanks to the collaboration between the Adriatic association for immigrants , Caritas , Table Interreligious and City of Vasto . After the welcome of Hamid Hafdi , Don Gianfranco Travaglini and Anna Suriani , Father Kizito said , projecting a video , the experience of Nairobi , the city in which 4 million people are in poverty and where 150 thousand children living on the streets . The community Koinonia allows , after a journey , the boys to return to responsible citizenship.

Then , on the frenetic rhythms from the drums , which have never stopped during the show , the guys have proven skills in dance , song , mime , and in particular in the acrobatics , leaving gaping spectators of Rosetti . To close the evening the boys have brought on stage even some members of the public that we are left to engage in the dance . To close even the singing of the Lord’s Prayer written by the boys . ” Among them are Catholics , Christians of other churches , Muslims – explained Father Kizito- . But they wanted to compose and sing this song I now want to dedicate to you.


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