Tentative Programme: Reintegration Conference on Children and Youth Leaving Instituonal Care

DAY ONE 23rd October 2014

8.00-9.00 Registration

Session 1 Introduction, Moderator: Dr. Richard Muko, KARDS and Institute of Social Ministry in Mission, Tangaza University College

9.00-9.10 Opening Prayer: Fr. Temu
9.10-9.20 Welcome to the Conference: Ms. Millicent Agutu, KARDS CEO.
9.20-9.30 Partners Introduction: Amani, MIUC,Koinonia,Caritas Italiana, Undugu Society, Apostles of Jesus, Evangelising Sisters of Mary, ISMM-Tangaza University College, KOBWA, KESCA, IDAY, CAFASO, Radio Mtaani, Shepherd.
9.30-9.40 Thematic entertainment, ASAE Arts
9.40-9.50 Keynote Speech and opening the conference
9.50-10.25 Keynote speech: Mr. Naftali Oenga, Director of Children Services, Nairobi County.
10.25-10.30 House keeping information: Martin

10.30-11.00 Tea break and speed dating

11.00-11.50 Session 2: Reintegration From Care leavers’ Perspective, Moderator: Hellen Kalinda, Undugu Society
-Introducing the study on Reintegration challennges faced by Children and Youth Leaving Institutional Care. Dr. Richard Muko, KARDS
-Reintegration impact for children and Youth Leaving Institutional Care: Care-leaver perspective. Martin Ndichu-Kobwa and Julius Njove-Kesca
-Transforming lives of institutionalized children and care leavers in Nairobi and Kajiado counties, Elena Magoni, Amici di Bambini
11.50-12.00 Thematic entertainment, Bunifu Arts

12.00-13.00 Session 3: Institutional Perspectives of Reintegration, Moderator: George Otieno, IDAY

-Effectiveness of street youth reintegration strategies: Institutional Perspective, Sammy Mwangi, Egerton University
-Effects of trauma on on reintegration of vulnerable youth: Educational perspective,Thomas Nyawir, Institute of Social Ministry, Tangaza University College and Mirror of Hope
-Government support to help to build the Capacities of CCIs in Reintegration: Naftali Oenga, Director of Childrens Services, Nairobi

13.00-14.00 Lunch and speed dating
14.00-14.50Session 4: Biological and Forster Family Relations in Reintegration, Moderator: Fr. Paul Temu Aj
-Tracing, Family reunification and reintegration of institutionalized children: Experiences, Challenges and future directions, Tracy Kyangulani, Child’s Foundation Uganda
-The Reintegration mediation triangle: Family group decision making for the reintegration of street children in Nairobi, Boniface Okada, Koinonia Community
14.50-15.00 Thematic entertainment, Rafiki Mwafrika

15.00-16.00 Session 5: Gender Consideration in the reintegration discourse
-Reintegration dynamics and complexities facing girls and young women in Kenya: Esther Kabugi, CISP
-Experiences of working with vulnerable girls leaving institutions of care, Grazia Orsolato, Get Together Girls (G2G)
-Get together Girls
16.00 Entertainment at the garden and departure

DAY TWO 24th October 2014

Session Introduction, Moderator: Millicent Agutu
9.10-9.20 Recap day one:
9.10-9.30 Poem, ASAE Poetry

9.30-10.30 Session 6: Life skills an important component for successful reintegration, Bro. John Bwanali
-Life skills education need of the hour: an integral component in the formation of the vulnerable youth, Dr. Peter Changilwa: Marist International University Center for life skills
-Integrating life skills in technical vocational education for vulnerable youth, Fr. Paul Temu: Apostles of Jesus Technical Institute
-The importance of social capital among youth and children leaving alternative care during the reintegration process, George Otieno, IDAY

10.30-11.00 Tea break and speed dating

11.00-12.00 Session 7: Psycho-Social Perspectives on Reintegration, Moderator: John Ndayishmiye, Koinonia Community

-Psycho-Social Empowerment a Key Component to Reintegration, Sammy Mwangi, Egerton University
-The psycho-social effects of the reintegration process on former street children in CCIs in Dagoretti Division. Kevin Otieno, University of Nairobi
-Social transformation of the lives of the vulnerable youth is possible, Bro. Alberto Parise, Tangaza University College, Institute of Social Ministry

12.00-13.00 Parallel Sessions

Session 8: Activities and projects, Moderator: Ms Grazia Orsolato, AMANI
-Don Bosco Mission Work in Kenya, Polona Dominic, Sellessians of Don Bosco, Nairobi
-Reintegration Work with the Youth from the Medium Prison of Kamiti, Joseph Mwangi, CAFASO, Kamiti Medium Prison
-The Maji Mazuri experience of reintegrating children with disabilities, Maji Mazuri

Session 9: Activities and projects, Moderator:Martin Ndichu, KARDS
-Reintegration: Nyumbani Experience of Youth Living with HIV/AIDS,Protus Lumiti, Nyumbani
-Experiences of family placements: Both Challenging and Empowering, Eric Okuku, Families to Families
-The Undugu Society Experience with Reintegrating Care-Leavers, Hellen Kalinda, Undugu Society of Kenya
-The Harambee Experience of reintegrating children with disabilities, Nicholas Omondi, Kinderhilfsprojekte Harambee.

13.00-14.00 Lunch and speed dating

Session 10: 14.00-15.00 Socio-Economic Empowerment to enhance the success of the reintegration process, Moderator
-Working to empower vulnerable youth through Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KESPA) and Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP), Jackson Kayaga, District Youth Officer, Dagoretti
-CBOs contribution to reintegration, Stanley Didi, Shepherd CBO

15.00-16.00 Session 11: Closing Ceremony, Moderator
– Thematic entertainment
– Summary and way forward: Participants
– Closing speech, Bro. John Bwanali
– Vote of Thanks, Ms. Millicent Agutu
– Closing Prayer: Ms Amina Ismael

16.00 Entertainment at the garden and departure


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