William Omondi

The Cash Transfers for orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) programme is a government initiative that gives support to households taking care of orphans and vulnerable children with regular and predictable monthly cash payments payable after every two months.

For households to qualify for selection as beneficiaries they must:
1. Be taking care of orphans and /or other vulnerable children
2. Not be having a caregiver, who is formally employed, or receiving financial assistance equal to or more than KSH. 2,000/= per month
3. Be extremely poor


Eligible households that have been selected and enrolled into the Programme have a right to:
1. A monthly payment of Ksh. 2,000/= payable after every two months, payable after every two months, (Ksh. 4,000) subject to the availability of funds and your continued stay in the program as a beneficiary.
2. Free Payments from the PSP without giving anything or giving any favors.


1. As a caregiver it is your duty to ensure that you:
2. Collect household payments within the payment period. You will be informed in advance the payment dates.
3. Provide regular updates to your Beneficiary Welfare Committee member in your area about your household members whenever there is a baby born, marriage into or outside the households, death of a member of the household, change of school attended by benefiting children or change of hospital where your children go for immunization.
4. Take care of your Program ID Card, Payment card and the National Card. Losing any of these documents will result in you missing your payments until they are replaced.
5. Make sure all children living in your household aged 4 – 17 years are enrolled in primary school and attend school regularly.
6. Ensure you take all children in household aged 0 – 1 years to health clinics immunization, and those children aged 1 – 5 for vitamin A administration and growth monitoring.
7. Ensure you acquire a National ID card within 6 months of enrolling in the programme if you do not already have one.
8. Carry and produce both programme ID, Payment Card and the National ID card when you go to collect payments.
9. Ensure all children under your care are provided with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter and are taken to a healthy facility for proper health care when sick.
10. Protect all children under your care from all forms of abuse such as exploitative labour, disinheritance, sexual exploitation and/or neglect.
11. Report any cases of child abuse to the local Chief or District Children’s Officer (DCO).
12. Report anyone asking for money or any other favors in exchange for programme benefits.
13. To appoint alternative care giver who will collect money in the event that you are not able to do so.


1. You cannot be removed from the programme unless:
2. You nolonger take care of an orphan or vulnerable child under the age of 18,
3. You fail to collect the payments for three consecutive payment periods,
4. You move to a new geographical location not covered by the programme
5. You are found to have provided false information to CT-OVC programme
6. You decide to leave the programme on your own


You should not give anyone favors to continue in the Program.

For any complaints, compliments or suggestions on the OC-OVC programme communicate your concerns through the following ways:

1. Mailing a letter to: OVC Secretariat
P.O. Box 46205 – 00100, Nairobi
“CT OVC Complaints”
P.O. Box 1611 – 068

2. Call this Free number:
0800 – 720 035
Send an SMS to: 0722 528 825
Call this number: 0703 830 957

3. Send an email to:
Or email to:

4. Complaining in person to:
• Nearest office of the Provincial Director of Children’s Services
• District Children’s Officer (DCO)
• The District Commissioner (DC) or District Officers (DO) offices
• Location OVC Committee (LOC) members
• OVC Secretarial Office in Nairobi Electricity House (Entry near the Standard Bank) 6th Floor- Door No. 1, next to Uchumi Supermarket-Aga Khan Walk.)
• Staff at health clinics or schools


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