Create a great Kenya: Plant at least one tree per year

I always think about the praying-mantis. All the hopes of survival for the beautiful and ever playful praying-mantis will be dashed with continued de-afforestation. Eventually these wonderful organisms will wiped out. What a pitty!!!


Article by Akoya Ochanda

All of us should come together to and participate in populating the world with many trees. Trees are very important in our lives today and their scarcity causes a real danger to the environment and to the survival of species including the human species. This is the essence of the carbon trade campaign. If we each planted one tree per year, we could do so much good to our environment by reducing the carbon footprint. Hence please create the opportunity and plant just one tree before the end of this year and at least one tree in all the coming years.

Every living organism depends on trees for survival. Trees and plants provide shelter and livelihood to a many of these organisms like birds, butterflies, bees, praying mantis to name just a few.  Wild animals depend on trees for their hideouts. If  deafforestation continues  imagine the danger caused to the survival of these important species. They will be  scattered all over, they will also be very insecure and not to add on the inconviniences they might cause.

Trees prevents soil erosion to our environment. They act as ground covers. They prevent rain water to carry away the top soil hence holding the upper fertile soil therefore making sure that our soils are ever fertile thus high yield.

Most of the industries depends on tree products to produce their goods. Fruits are processed to produce juices that are enjoyed by everyone while other tree parts are processed into papers and many other things. This also means that trees contribute directly to job creation and betterment of human lives.

Not everything is mentioned here but i encourage you guys who might happen to read this, should find more articles and see why we should put much consideration in tree planting. My advice: we should value trees very much if we value our lives tomorrow.


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