The World is Made Better When Sharing Becomes the Norm

By Mike Mungai

These illustrations were developed after reading an anthropological story about African kids. Well, it made me think  that people of the world  should realise that cooperation makes us all better. This does not mean that competition makes the world worse. Extreme acts of selfishness that result from competition are the ones that harm the world making a section of the world’s people to become losers. In contrast, cooperation even when insignificant leaves all people feeling great and no one feels inadequate or deprived. This means that cooperation promotes the common good making everyone a winner. Hence individual selfish benefits are sacrificed to promote mutual benefits.


“If we cared for each other, if we shared in each others joys and sorrows, if we looked at each other and saw our brother or sister, if we respected each other, if we could genuinely help those who are in need- just as we would want to be helped if it were we, who were in need; would not the world be such a peaceful and lovely place to live?
But now that we look at each others weaknesses, problems and needs and use them to our advantage, now that we look at other people and judge them on the basis of color, religion and social status, now that we look at others and scheme up ways of manipulating them and ripping benefits from their efforts, now that we look at others and want to abuse their vulnerability; is not this the reason why there is so much trouble, strife and suffering in the world today?
I hope that a day will come that a day will come that we will learn to appreciate one another, care for each other, understand one another, that a day will come when we will look at others and see human beings, individuals with strengths and weaknesses, but still beautiful human beings. For when that day comes, we will hear no more about poverty; for we will all share in each others problems, we will all either be rich or poor. We will hear no more about human rights abuses; for we will have learned to treat others with the dignity that we would want ourselves to be treated with. There will be no more exploitation, just appreciation.
At that time, UBUNTU: I am because we are, will be realized.”


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