Child Abductions a Worrying Rising Trend in Uganda

Kindly watch the video here watch?v=LtNraQDU7YQ&feature=player_embedded

Stolen children found. Source NTV Uganda 18th June 2012

Police in Uganda were able to find two children who had been missing for the last three months. These children Simon Kaijuka, four years old and  Prince Kijuka four months old were then immediately united to their parents who were very emotional. Prince Kijuka was only one month old when he was abducted. The two children were stolen stolen from their parents in Nabisalu zone in Makindye division.

The police were able to nab Ms Sylvia Nakanwagi who was suspected to have abducted the two children. The police had launched a three months manhunt after the report about loss of the children.  Four months old Prince Kijuka who by the time of his abduction was just one month old looked emaciated while his older brother Simon Kaijuka had a wound on his left leg. Later the boy was able to share of his ordeal to his parents. Whenever he would ask to be taken to his parents, he would be beaten thoroughly. There are are clear marks of heavy lashes on the boy. On the other hand the woman used to feed the boy on sugar and water. The parents of the children share their ordeal of the three months they were separated from their children here.

The police said that they were going to bring the charges against Ms Nkanwagi using the Anti trafficking law and the penal code.

Elsewhere the police a  Ms Vicky Natukunda in Makerere was arrested for allegedly staying with a 13 years old child for close to six months and not informing her parents or the relevant authorities. The 13 year old girl who was under the custody of the suspect had moved out of her home for a period of more than six months after claiming that she was being mistreated by her step parents. A claim which the police are doubting and think that it is possible that this is another case of abduction and the girl was coached on what to say to the police or other people who come into contact with her.  According to police, this was illegal custody of a child. The woman in question denied staying with the child for six months and said that she had been staying with the child for only ten days. The villagers said that  the little girl had been mistreated, she would move around the village asking for food. The culprit was found coaching the child to lie to the police that she had been with her fr only 10 days. Investigations are ongoing and appropriate charges will be brought against Ms. Natikunda once the police have finished their investigations. For more on this story kindly follow this story on NTV Uganda here.


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