Invitation to the third Mombasa Counter Human Trafficking Symposium

You are invited  to participate in the upcoming Third Mombasa Counter Human Trafficking Symposium for the Faith Based and Grassroots organizations that will be held in Mombasa, Kenya, on the 21st to 23rd of June, 2012.

Engender the 2012 political process. We should choose the right leaders and not be clouded by the tradition which compelled us to choose only male candidates even when they were not meeting the qualities of leadership and betrayed the electorate.

The Conference has traditionally been organized by CEA (Consolation East Africa) a Nairobi based NGO that works to build the capacity of the grassroots and the faith based organizations to address the challenge of human trafficking through the support of Koinonia Advisory Research and Development Service (KARDS) a Nairobi based community development consultancy in collaboration  with Trace-Kenya a Mombasa based organization working to prevent, and protect children and young persons from trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation. This year we are honoured to introduce new partners of the symposium. The first being Solidarity With Women in Distress (SOLWODI), an organization that provides support to women and children driven into the commercial sex industry in Mombasa; Arise and Shine youth group (A&SYG), an organization working to build linkages between the isolated anti trafficking groups across the coastal region;  The Cradle Foundation of  Kenya, a  non-governmental organization committed to the protection, promotion and enhancement of the rights of the child through court representation, advocacy and law reform; and the Kenya Blue Hearts Grassroots Initiative, a network of performing and visual art groups whose mission is to educate the society on human rights and civic responsibilities through art and performances.

The symposium takes cognizance of the fact that this is the year of elections in Kenya. Its main theme is “engendering the electioneering process 2012/2013 in Kenya.” It’s a fact that when the electoral process has problems, violence erupts which leads to gross human rights violations. People lose lives, property, they also become victims of sexual crimes, exploitation and possible human trafficking. It is for this purpose that the symposium will be divided into two. One part will dwell on discussing about the leadership that is responsive to the engendering process that is focused on gender empowerment in Kenya and on the need for peaceful elections.

According to WHO report of 1999, violence against women is an area that is increasingly being recognised as affecting women’s health and autonomy. Violence against women has serious consequences for their mental and physical well-being, including their reproductive and sexual health. If violence against women is tolerated and accepted in a society, its eradication is made more difficult. In extension this violence has direct effect on the children as  in most cases it is extended to them. Tolerating this violence would mean that the society cannot be moved even when the women (and in extension the children) are facing extreme injustices. To solve this peoblem there is a great need to engender the electioneering process and introduce the concept of gender responsive campaigning and ultimately leadership. On the other hand, there is a great need to empower women on their rights so as they may defend them and speak loudly against any acts of violence metted against them during the electioneering time. Women must be encouraged to join politics as direct participartion in policy formulation helps in changing the societal constructs and will help in correcting the past social economic attitudes and injustices metted against them. 

Secondly, the symposium will focus on the conducive tools and environment for an effective reintegration process for trafficked victims. Literature and practices on “reintegration process will be discussed in order to bridge the gap between the literature and the practice.

For more information on the conference and the program please visit the Consolation East Africa Blog here. More info on the symposium here and find the poster here.

Should you wish to receive any further information about the content or as regards logistical arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Telephone +254734988713 or 0720812638 or 0720444545 or 0722499302.


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