Kenyan Women to Benefit from Leadership & Integrity Law

The Usawa Newsletter April Issue published by Gender and Governance found here

The Leadership and Integrity Bill which is being crafted by the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs is going to throw wide open opportunities for women into public leadership positions as it locks corrupt people who have perfected the art of bad leadership over the years.

The Bill which seeks to establish high standards for people to qualify into elective and public service leadership positions is going to lock out many individuals whose characters and integrity are questionable – most of whom have been responsible for entrenching corruption and impunity in the country through successive regimes since independence.

The law being crafted is supposed to see the implementation of Chapter Six of the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya 2012 which clearly stipulates the ethics and integrity thresholds of public holders most of which have dominated by men over the decades as women were relegated to play second fiddle.

It means that individuals who have been involved matters considered improper like facing criminal cases, stealing, any form of violence, sexual crimes, crimes against humanity, sexual crimes, abuse of office, corruption among many others will not be eligible to hold any public office as may be determined by the law.

Considering the fact that over the decades, most individuals whose ethics and integrities have been highly questionable and not above board, yet remained in public offices for many years without being relieved off their jobs, with the new law in force this will open the window of opportunity for women and men of integrity. According to the Permanent Secretary ministry of justice and constitutional affairs,  technocrats in his ministry are working on the round the clock to complete the Leadership and Integrity Bill 2012 in order to release it to the parliament for debate, also get public in-put to craft the law to ensure that it is place before the next general elections.

The PS  says it was the duty of all Kenyans and stakeholders to ensure that this law was in place and enforced so that people can elect only leaders whose integrity is above board including appopintment officers into public offices of high integrity.” Kibara says there should be strict implementation of Chapter Six of the constitution which deals with ethics and integrity of public officers. Any serving state officer facing serious charges in court must step aside immediately or be suspended from office pending the outcome of the case.


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