Programme: Mombasa 2012 Counter Human Trafficking Symposium

The Third Mombasa Symposium for the Faith Based and Grassroots Organizations in East Africa

2012 Theme: Engendering the 2012 Kenya Electioneering Process and Victim Reintegration (click to go to the concept)

Organizers: CEA and Trace Kenya

Day 1: June 21st 2012

08.00-8.30  am: Arrival/Registration

08.30- 9.00 am: Introduction & Welcome remarks

9.00 to 10.00 Addressing Gender issues in the wake of the electioneering 2012 process in Kenya

Gender mainstreaming

Engendering the election process

Addressing political violence borne out of the electioneering process

 10.15-10. 45 am: The electoral process and human rights

11. 15- 12.15 pm: Introducing the Reintegration Challenge

Economic aspect of reintegration

psychosocial aspect of reintegration

Spiritual aspect of reintegration

Legal aspect of reintegration

12.20 to 1.00 Presentations and feedback

Psychological services in support to enhancing reintegration

3.00 to 4.00 pm

Psychological and trauma debriefing

Model interview for the victim of human trafficking

Addressing the needs of the victim of human trafficking immediate and long term

Day 2: 22nd June 2012

Community Intervention Reinforcing Reintegration

8.30 to 9.00 am:

Family role in the reintegration process of victims of human trafficking

How Community support can mitigate on the  reintegration process

Social stigma as a challenge to the  reintegration process

The role of social support structures in the reintegration process: Mosques, Churches, schools, hospitals etc

Practical Issues

10.45- 11.15 am

Referral      systems and information sharing to enhance reintegration of human      trafficking victim

Social service, FBOs ,CSOs and government roles in the reintegration process of the victim of human trafficking

The role of the media in enhancing the reintegration process for the victims of human trafficking

Monitoring and Evaluation

11. 15- 1.00 pm

Reintegration interventions impact assessment using case analysis

Knowledge management for the improvement of reintegration process

Networking and Collaboration for a peaceful electioneering process and for enhancing victim integration 

2.00-4.00 pm

Social networking to enhance successful reintegration on one hand and as a strategy to contribute to a peaceful electioneering process in Kenya (Constantine Deus, Organizational Devt. Consultant, Dar es Salaam)

Forum Conclusion: The Organizers.



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  1. Ann
    May 09, 2012 @ 12:36:38

    This is great!Anyone can attend.



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