The Third Mombasa Counter Human Trafficking Symposium for the Faith Based and Grassroots Organizations in East Africa

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Dates: 21st  to 22nd June 2012

Venue: To be Communicated

Theme: Reintegration of the victims of human Trafficking

Organizers: CEA and Trace Kenya

The ideal image of the reintegration environment for a victims that has passed through the pain of human trafficking.  All the societal structures working to promote total internal healing and helping the victim to find easy reintegration back to his new or former society.

Trafficking in persons in the region is now publicly seen through the eyes of the returnees from Middle East. This follows the current media attention to the circumstances of Kenyan women working there. Through unscrupulous labor agents young women are lured into skewed labor contracts in the Middle East. Once they reach their work destinations the come to realize that they must repay their travel, accommodation and upkeep. It does not end there, and slavery is the condition they find themselves in. If they do not manage to find help, then they may end up maimed or they may even die. The most vulnerable people are those from poor backgrounds. As any promises of employment creates in them a hope to find resources to help their families out of their present misery and get additional income.

Human trafficking victims are exposed to deep trauma through their entire ordeal. The physical and psychological consequences of violence control and abuse inherent to human trafficking are extremely serious; regardless of the sector into which trafficking occurs. It can take the victims a long time to recover from the trauma and be able to remember their experiences without pain or anxiety. Human trafficking is not merely a concern of the victims and their families but of society at large as it has direct and indirect ramifications on development. The abuse and trafficking of children, in particular, have severe consequences both at individual and communal level, undermining the personal development of the children and also bringing serious problems to the entire communities and state security.

Working towards the reintegration of the victims is a great challenge within the society today. As a victim moves deeper through the human trafficking chain so do the reintegration needs become complex.  Organizations on the other hand have to work to ensure that the trafficking victims can be assisted to reintegrate through the legal tools, social and psychological support and through other creative means.

The third counter human trafficking symposium for the grassroots and the faith based organizations will explore the issue of reintegration in depth. The symposium will be held from the 21st to 22nd of June, 2012. This symposium amongst other aims will hope to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Share knowledge, skills and experiences from different FBOs, CSOs and grassroots on practices used to reintegrate the victims of human trafficking
  • Explore other potential innovative programmes and resources that could aid the process of reintegration.
  • Contextualizing reintegration of the trafficked victims in legal, economic and psycho social scenarios
  • Promoting social networking amongst counter human trafficking organizations.

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Please contact +254720444545/0722499302  or for more info.


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