Horrific Brutality by GSU in Turkana

Video by Nation TV 5th April 2011

In the above video the GSU officers are incarcerating a young boy. Notice there is one of them asking the rest to stop continuing but the rest just continue beating the boy. According to this boy, it is the voice of the pleading officer that may have saved him. Three years later the young boy now aged 18 was traced by Citizen TV and he told them his most painful story in the video below.  Is this type of violence justifiable if we may ask? How much should the law enforcement officers beat the hell out of a person before they can arrest him? This is a second video of its type after another video where a little child’s private parts were chopped off.

Video Citizen TV

Turkana, is one of the poorest countries where oil was recently discovered. Thanks to this discovery, now the area is exposed and the many silent brutalities suffered by its people may now be exposed. It is also a fact that when an area is marginalised so much takes place there in without much attention. We only ask our law enforcers to be careful on the way they treat any person within the country both in the exposed places and in those places which are obscure. The Kenyan law does not allow these extreme acts.


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