A Tourist Sexually abuses over 50 under 10 Ugandan Girls

More on this story here and here and here and here and here

A Turkish tourist a Mr. Emin Barro aged 53 sexually  abused more than 50 girls aged below 10 years. The tourist, who also took their photographs, recorded them on video and uploaded the ghastly images on the internet. Barro was sentenced on Monday 26th by a Ugandan court to two years jail sentence or o pay a fine of Ugandan Shillings 6 million. He was taken to Luzira Maximum prison to serve his sentence. Later he paid his fine and was released. After ourcry from the media  and the civil society that the sentence given was not commensurate to the nature of the crime he was re-arrested and he is yet to face fresh charges. Barro is said to have paid all his victims between Ushs. 2000 to 5000.  In a study done by ANNPCAN, it was found that there are many sex tourists along the Jinja beaches and also many sex abusers take advantage of the economic vulnerability of their victims.


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