Art: Re-Integration for the Survivors of Human Trafficking

Reintegration is the main theme of the Dar symposium that takes place from 28thand 29th  March 2012. The symposium is hosted by Reintegrated efforts for social transformation (REST) and Hope for the Children Organization (HFCO).

Follow Bwana Mdogo Arts and other artists against human trafficking by liking their facebook page. Artists sharing this passion too are welcome to join in.

An important question lingering in the minds of the victims of human trafficking is “what will become of life after being emancipated from slavery and human trafficking?” This important question could act to either hinder or enable the process of reintegration. We try to be optimistic in answering this question!We capture these concerns depicting an image of a girl walking away from slavery and headed towards a community. Our painting shows optimism that the victim will find a good environment that will make the process of reintegration easier avoiding the attempts to want to relapse back into the trafficking situation. The environment has places where the victim can get financial assistance, psychological accompaniment and vocational training etc. These psycho-social and economic instruments are just a small part of the needs to aid in the successful reintegration of the trafficked survivor into the community.  Apart from community support, the former victim is walking on her own, making herself comfortable and independent. Her own independence is important as she has the responsibility to rebuild her future and not to be forever dependent on the assistance she receives as this will cripple her.The illustration depicts the slavery period as a dark moment and likens it to a desert, signifying hopelessness. The community area signifying reintegration is more bright, green and with flowers – the sun is also shining, signifying robustness of life in freedom and hope for the survivor.Reintegration is the main theme of the Dar symposium that takes place from 28th and 29th  March 2012.

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