Conference on Gender Based Violence

Kenyatta University in collaboration with the Liverpool VCT will be hosting the Conference on Gender Based Violence on the 1st to the 5th of August 2012. The conference will address four important  themes. The first theme is the structural issues which recognizes that the genesis of GBV resides in underlying norms and value systems which make it both necessary and legitimate thus subverting prevention and response efforts.  The second theme is Governance, policy and legislation which seeks to locate GBV within the national and state context and help to  identify the primary level of responsibility and obligations that illustrate responsiveness. The third issue is about research which underscores the paucity of research in the area and lastly the fouth theme is about practice which will focus on innovative and tailor made interventions. The information about the conference is found here while the info about the thematic areas is found here.


Painful: A New Born Baby Stolen

A woman lost her baby to good Samaritans. When she went to deliver she passed out forcing her to stay in the hospital for about three days. When she woke up she was given her baby boy. However she was not allowed to come out of the hospital because her bill had accumulated. Then out of nowhere, strangers appeared and called her name and told her that they usually help people with problems. They helped her to pay for the bill and carried her and her son in their car. Reaching town they bought her a cup of tea which had some sedatives. When she woke up she found herself in a strange place and her son and benefactors were nowhere to be seen. Now Evelyne is a sad woman she does not know where her baby has been taken to. The media in Kenya had in the past reported of a racket stealing children infact in one instance two people were found with 9 infants. Something should be done to protect young mothers such as Everlyne and the infants.

The Dar es Salaam Counter Human Trafficking Symposium Takes Place

The Dar Symposium brought together grassroots and faith actors who shared notes and experiences of their work in combating human trafficking.

Story by Sammy Mwangi and Milicent Agutu find the story also in CISA here

The Second Dar Counter Human Trafficking Symposium for the grassroots and faith based organizations came to an end on 29th March 2012. The symposium was organized by Reintegrated Efforts for Social Transformation (REST), Hope for the Children Organization (HFCO) and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) Sisters in Dar, Tanzania assisted by KARDS and Consolation East Africa from Nairobi, Kenya. Several faith based and other local organizations were represented in this symposium including The Catholic Professionals of Tanzania (CPT), Wanawake Wakatoliki Tanzania (WAWATA), Caritas Tanzania,  Legal Human Rights Center (LHRC), University of Dares Salaam and Youth for Change (Y4C). The symposium was held at Hadees Hotel in the  Noor Manzil  Building. It provided a healthy forum for exchange of ideas, perspectives and information on the Challenge of human trafficking in Tanzania. The important outcome of the symposium was the fact that participants felt the need to strengthen networking and collaboration amongst themselves

The primary topic handled by the symposium was the reintegration of the victims of human trafficking in Tanzania. This so far appears to be a great challenge as facilities for temporary safe haven are lacking. So far only one organization provides facilities in this area and these are the DMI sisters in Kimara. Another organization working in this area is KIWOHEDE. Organizations working in countering human trafficking have little know how of what it entails and what its scope is. Hence constant forums for knowledge exchange that also contribute to promotion of networking play an important role. The participants from Kenya shared with the other participants that the Church in Kenya dedicated the first week of the 2011 lenten period to discuss amongst human trafficking. By entrenching the message against human trafficking in the Lenten Campaign the Kenyan Church indicated that they saw it as a peace and justice issue.

The next symposium is scheduled for 28th and 29th June in Mombasa and the last major symposium for this year will be held in Nairobi on 21st, 22nd and 23rd November. The third counter human trafficking symposium for Tanzania will be held in 28th and 29th March 2013.  This year’s theme revolves around re-integration of victims. With each passing year small attempts are made of data collection amongst the attending organizations. These interactions and shared experiences should in the long run help participating organizations to develop a  comprehensive manual of practice. Discussions of the last year symposium are found here. The discussions of 2012 discussions will be uploaded as they are submitted by the conference attendants here.

A Tourist Sexually abuses over 50 under 10 Ugandan Girls

More on this story here and here and here and here and here

A Turkish tourist a Mr. Emin Barro aged 53 sexually  abused more than 50 girls aged below 10 years. The tourist, who also took their photographs, recorded them on video and uploaded the ghastly images on the internet. Barro was sentenced on Monday 26th by a Ugandan court to two years jail sentence or o pay a fine of Ugandan Shillings 6 million. He was taken to Luzira Maximum prison to serve his sentence. Later he paid his fine and was released. After ourcry from the media  and the civil society that the sentence given was not commensurate to the nature of the crime he was re-arrested and he is yet to face fresh charges. Barro is said to have paid all his victims between Ushs. 2000 to 5000.  In a study done by ANNPCAN, it was found that there are many sex tourists along the Jinja beaches and also many sex abusers take advantage of the economic vulnerability of their victims.

KENYA: Pregnancy-Crisis Centre Launched

NAIROBI, March 27, 2012 (CISA )

A Christian organization has launched a national pregnancy-crisis centre to cater for victims of “unwanted” pregnancies who sometimes often opt for an abortion.

 The Rescue Homes, Kiotas ( Swahili  for bird’s nests) are spear-headed by the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF).
The guest of honor at the official launch Professor Miriam Were, Kenya’s community health  Goodwill Ambassador, praised KCPF  and its patron, Dr Jean Kagia for the wisdom behind the  establishment  of the Centre.
“This is all about the Church and matters pertaining to life. I commend you for being pro-life,” she said.
Prof Were called on the Christians to commit themselves fully to the teachings of God, observing that  certain issues such as “unwanted pregnancies “ and abortions  occur due our moral weakness.
“There is need for all of us to be pro-life, for this is what God expects from us,” she stressed.
On Saturday, March 24, KCPF organized a March for life that began and ended at Uhuru Park, Nairobi.
Flagging off the March, Deputy National Council of Churches (NCCK) General Secretary, Mr Oliver Kisaka said the Church’s pro life activities were not accidental but Gods command.
He asked the Christians to be watchful of possible “shortcomings” in the country’s new Constitution, which he said might open up areas of anti-life, through channels like abortion.
Mr Kisaka promised that the Church will forever uphold its pro-life stand.
“Our opposition to the new Constitution during the referendum was partly because, we as God’s people felt that certain sections of the document were not pro-life enough, “he explained.
KCPF patron, Dr Kagia said her organizations vision is to establish 47 Rescue Kiotas throughout the country by the year 2020. They planned to work through churches and Christians to achieve their goal.
“We must work hard to counteract those who are anti-life, pro-abortionists included,” she concluded.
Pauline Kalonzo, the wife of the country’s Vice President, Stephen Kalonzo, said those who have decided to work against God’s plan for life will always fail.

University student raped, murdered

By East African Standard online 28th March 2012. Food vendor charged for murdering the girl here.

By Cyrus Ombati

A 21-year old university student was raped and murdered in a bizarre incident in her apartment in Mbotela area, Nairobi. The daily Nation of 5th April 2012 reports that she was killed by a food vendor aged 27. When this food vendor was brought to the law courts he admitted to the offense by saying “I am guilty as charged and that I understand the full meaning of admitting to this crime.”

The First year purchasing and supplies student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural Technology Edna Mogambi’s body was found hidden under her bed two days after she was murdered.

Edna was killed on Sunday by unknown assailants and her body hidden under her bed. Her corpse was discovered on Monday night by her sister.

A prime suspect in the murder has been arrested and according to police, he has confessed to the same.

Postmortem report conducted on her body at the Chiromo Mortuary showed she was raped and her head had been hit with a blunt object that led to profuse bleeding.

There was a pool of blood under the bed where the body was discovered on Monday night.

The deceased’s elder sister Nancy spent the night on the same bed where Edna’s body was hidden without knowledge it was there.

Nancy wept uncontrollably on Wednesday as she narrated how she waited for Edna to arrive home in vain only for her to spot her toes under the bed on Monday night.

Nancy said she left their apartment at Posta Apartments along Jogoo Road on Sunday afternoon for Ongata Rongai and was to return in the evening.

“I left her in the house but at about 6.30pm I received a text message from her (Edna) saying a neighbour was forcing himself into her room and wanted to rape her.”

“When I tried to call back, her phone had gone off. I tried to call another neighbour that she told me in the text to alert but that man’s phone too was off,” said Nancy.

Nancy is a law student at Kenyatta University Parklands Campus while her deceased sister was taking a course at the JKUAT Karen Campus.

She added she arrived back at their apartment on Sunday at about 9pm but did find Edna. She tried to call her but her mobile phone was not going through.

Before she went to bed, she placed the house keys at a window where they normally leave them.

On Monday morning she found the keys where she had left them and without any suspicion she went to college until 5pm when she returned home.

“Still, I found everything intact with the clothes that Edna had washed and aired still on the lines. Her clothes were intact, which now made me know something was not right,” said Nancy.

Nancy phoned a couple of her relatives to know if they knew of her sister’s whereabouts, but none responded in the affirmative.

When she was about to sleep Monday night she decided to check under the bed and that is when she potted her sister’s toes.

“It was unlikely for her (Edna), to be out of touch for that long. I was just shocked that I ran out and informed a neighbour who came to confirm she was dead,” Nancy added.

Makadara OCPD Tom Atuti and his CID counterpart Zack Nangulo said preliminary investigations had shown the suspect in their custody is the one who sent the text to Nancy using Edna’s phone.

Nangulo who termed their investigations as a breakthrough added they would run a number of forensic tests on the suspect and body before he appears in court.

Before the suspect was arrested, he was in the deceased’s house briefing the family and journalists how he discovered the body and recounting her last moments.

He then accompanied the family to Industrial Area police station where he suddenly surrendered and confessed that he was behind the murder.

Programme: The Second Dar Counter Human Trafficking Symposium for the Faith Based and Grassroots organizations

Organizers: REST, Hope for the Children and DMI Sisters


Hadees Hotel: Noor Manzil Building (Posta Mpya)

In between Tanzania Post Bank and Mavuno House

28th to 29th March 2012

First Day

9.00 to 9.30 Introductions and welcome. REST, HOPE. DMI, CEA and KARDS

(Moderator Millicent Agutu)

  • Registration
  • Introduction
  • Norming/Expectations

 9.30 to 10.45 1st Sessions: Practical experiences and cases on human trafficking (Moderator Sammy Mwangi)

  • Problems encountered by domestic workers and their susceptibility to human trafficking – Albert Masawe
  • Body parts harvesting and other superstitious practices – Joyce Mango
  • Reintegration challenges for the human trafficked victims – Phabian

  15 minutes: Discussions, participants’ feedback, Q&\A

 11.00 to 1.00pm 2st Sessions: Human Dignity, Rights, Justice (Moderator Albert Masawe)

  •  Family, gender based violence, human rights, human trafficking, Moral reflection – Sr. Viji
  • Human rights history –Millicent
  • Social networking amongst the counter human trafficking organizations in East Africa – Contatine Shirati

 Lunch break

2.00.00 to 4.00 Tanzanian/Kenya laws against human trafficking (Moderator Sr. Viji)

  •  Tanzania: Analysis of the Counter Trafficking in Persons Bill in the Light of Morality, Legality and Culture – Joyce Mango
  • The role of law enforcers in mitigating human Trafficking – Michael
  • Knowledge management and human trafficking – Sammy Mwangi

 Second Day

9.00 to 10.30 General challenges of working to counter human trafficking (Moderator Sammy Mwangi)

  • Refugees –  Phabian
  • Commercial sex workers, Sexual and gender based violence – Michael
  • Street Children – Joyce Mango

10.30 to 11.30 Economic, Social and community reintegration 

(Moderator Fhabian Massaga)

  •  Religious and pastoral care – Sr. Viji
  • Education, Vocational skills – Sammy Mwangi
  • Income generating activities – Albert

 11.30 to 12.00 Psychological and emotional reintegration (Moderator Sr. Viji)

  •  The concept of Trauma – Sr. Viji
  • Community support  structures – Joyce
  • Psychological reintegration techniques – Sammy Mwangi

 12.00 to 12.30 Final session (Sr. Viji/Kiondo Sangai/Millicent Agutu)

Symposium lessons and Certificate Presentation

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