Students condemn parents for abetting FGM


Pokot County

Over 2, 000 students in Pokot boycotted classes and staged a demonstration to denounce Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practice in the region.

Most of the protesting students had escaped the illegal cut last December and sought refugee at two local camps established by the government to provide shelter for such victims.

Drawn from local schools, the students burst to anti-FGM songs and condemned their own parents who have declined to abandon the primitive, harmful vice.

Waving placards and twigs, the students prevailed upon Pokot District Commissioner Daniel Kurui to intervene and punish defiant parents.

“We have been denied our right to pursue education. The government should act tough,” shouted the students.

They later joined gender activists and the public to mark the International World anti-FGM Day at Ortum.

Mr Kurui reiterated government’s commitment to wipe out retrogressive practice. According to him, a recent research in the area showed about 20 per cent of girls drop out of school to be married off. 50 per cent enroll for primary education but only half complete secondary, the report indicates.

Philomena Lokerowon, the chairperson of Kipsteno Rotwo, a girl child organisation urged the traditional operators to down their tools and seek alternative engagements.

“Time is up for traditional surgeons. Let them put down the knives and turn to education of their children and other economical ventures,” she urged.


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