Action for Children in Conflict (AFCIC) in Kenya

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Action for Children in Conflict in Kenya (AfCiC Kenya) is the leading child protection agency working in Thika District, Kenya. We are small, locally staffed, needs focused and results driven. We deliver holistic care to the most vulnerable children in Thika: street children. We ensure that they and their families are able to access educational and economic opportunities to enable them to live positive, safe lives.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive and sustainable educational, economic and psycho-social services to street and other acutely vulnerable children and their families in Thika District, Kenya.


Thika is a rapidly growing town that represents both the benefits and challenges of urban migration and development in Kenya. Significant wealth, accumulated through both legitimate and illegitimate means, a growing middle class with access to formal, salaried employment, improved public amenities, endless construction projects live alongside unmanaged pollution, erratic and unevenly distributed utilities, increasing levels of extreme poverty, expanding, highly populated slums and occasional violent conflict and crime over lack  of access to food, employment and land.

Prolonged drought in 2009, the global recession, high inflation and endemic corruption within government and business has contributed to increasing polarization between the rich and poor in Kenya, aptly demonstrated by living conditions and daily experiences in different parts of Thika.

In 2007 there were an estimated 140,000 people living in Thika, now there are over 300,000. Population growth on this scale is difficult for any planning authority to manage.

Action for Children in Conflict has built up a strong reputation in the last 6 years for excellent services for the most vulnerable, enabling children and their families to access the opportunities available to both survive and succeed, in safety and prosperity. We are the leading child protection agency working in Thika District. When we arrived in 2003 there were over 400 street children in Thika town, and by early 2010 the number had been reduced to approximately 90.  As a result of AfCiC’s exceptional results, we have in the last year expanded more aggressively into surrounding industrial areas where street children have been gathering.

An AfCiC-led 2009 street census revealed that there are around 100 children on the streets of Thika and these surrounding areas, but the nature of those children is fluid.  For example, 59% reported living with parents or family members.  85% reported going to the street almost every day, but only 45% reported sleeping there.  Due to difficult economic conditions, there is a population of part-time street children developing in and around Thika, and AfCiC has worked to create dynamic and innovative solutions for these complicated cases, as well as for the remaining full-time street children.  As we have done with hundreds of children already, we are dedicated to helping these children return to home and school full-time, and to preventing the root-causes that send children to the streets in the first place.

Contact Details

Action for Children in Conflict in Kenya

PO Box 130, Thika, Kenya


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