I shall Build my own Civilization

By Yousif Kuwa (late Governor of the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, Sudan)


My brothers, my sisters

With many apologies

Forgive me for my frankness

And for my courage


Despite all the talk

About my Arabism, my westernization

My religion, my culture

I am a Nuba, I am African


African-ness is my identity

It is deeply entrenched

In my appearance

Engraved in my being

And manifested by my life


My African-ness

Is in my heart

In the way I see reality

It is in my bewildered past

And in the zenith of all my relationships


Despite my grandfathers humiliation

And my grandmother’s sale to slavery

Despite my ignorance, my backwardness, my naivety

My tomorrow shall come


I shall crown

My identity with knowledge

I shall light my candle

In its light

I shall build my civilization


I shall extend my hand

I shall forgive those who tried

To destroy my identity

Because my aspirations

Are love and peace


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  1. Arise and Shine Group
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 10:35:50

    “Slavery was, in a very real sense, the first international human rights issue to come to the fore. It led to the adoption of the first human rights laws and to the creation of the first human rights non-governmental organization. And yet despite the efforts of the international community to combat this abhorrent practice, it is still widely prevalent in all its insidious forms, old and new. The list is painfully long and includes traditional chattel slavery; bonded labour; serfdom; and forced labour, including of children, women and migrants, and often for the purpose of sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and ritualistic and religious reasons….



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