What was I Created For?

Poem by Sarah Mungai, St. Hannah Secondary School.


Yes, tonight is when it all started

I set off from home hopeless

Seeking help in the windless and moonless night

Our society a cruel monster

Was ready to perch on me

Born poor I had nowhere to go

“I must be cruel to be kind

Is what drives them?

Working in the 100acre plantation

Washing his clothes to his satisfaction

And satisfying him sexually

Made me ponder deeply

If that’s what I was created for

Hard work pays

Is what I kept in mind,

Patience and ignorance

Was the order of my days

To try and forget the pain

I so longed for the gains

Mother at home living on water

I weep every time I think of her

200shillings is what separates us

I so encounter all this for a few pennies

Every day the sun rises

And more lives are put to the test

More children are ‘employed’

They smile hoping to put an end

The poverty back home

A sad fairytale indeed


There’s hope after all

I can see light at the end of the tunnel

If I can empower myself with education

I will save my family and friends

From the daring encounter

It’s time to fight the world

It might take a decade

But the fight is still on

Let’s join forces and work

“A body united shall never be defeated”

Human purchase is not a business

Life is not worth the pain

Let’s work for the world

Besides, “what’s the cause of living

In this world if not to make it a better place?”

These poems are part of the campaign by Fern Poetry to spread counter trafficking awareness through poetry. Once the poem campaign in finished, students create their own poems depending on how they received the CTIP message.


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