Set me Free

Poem by Joy Mandieka, St. Hannah Secondary School

I as an activist on my own,

Children cry for freedom

From child labor, rape

Street children and poverty

Why isn’t there anyone to remove

Them from oppression?

Women and girls cry for freedom

From oppression such as sexual

Harassment, divorce poverty and

Also as business ladies what’s

All this about?

Children cry for freedom from

Oppression to go back to school

Go study for master’s degrees

And have jobs but why this

Victims feel ashamed to tell

The world what has happened

To them

Where are the cops?

To arrest the inhuman people

Where are the parents

Throwing their babies in the bush?

The world we are in is evil

The street children do not have

A home to stay and sleep

People are blind to see that

Passer-bys on the streets look down upon

Them. Nobody can buy them basic needs

Others are raped while others  are sold to


I as an activist on my own,

I would love to say this

That Kenyans are arrogant and

Selfish. All they think about


And ways of looking for MONEY

It is such a depressing sight

To see people cry for freedom

From oppression. Sometimes I just

Really wish I could help them but

It is hard to help all

I would urge us Kenyans that

We care for our people

For they have their right to

Be equal with us in terms

Of living standards

Do not ignore and be arrogant

To them for they are crying for

Freedom. Let’s have hope that

One day our country Kenya

Will be united and communal

Let us be good Samaritans

To the victims even if they don’t

Appreciate they will remember

That one day, someone helped

Them. You would have done

Your part


These poems are part of the campaign by Fern Poetry to spread counter trafficking awareness through poetry. Once the poem campaign in finished, students create their own poems depending on how they received the CTIP message.


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