I Miss Home

Poem by Joan Mwaura, St Hannah High School

I have rights

Yes me the 16 year old

With chains so tight

Nobody bothers about my  phobia for the dark

I want to go home. Yes take me back

Every night when the clock strikes midnight

My innocence is taken in the cold dark streets


The people you see everyday

And look up to so much

They are the ones who pay my masters

So that they can tear my clothes to tatters

To you its ironic when you hear this

But to me its reality

Because every time a new dream flashes

It gets burned down to ashes


I move from here to there

This country to that continent

When you hear international affairs

What is the first thing that pops in your mind?

Politics right!

But in my case it has a whole different meaning

Oh…the now and then migration

Sets my heart on vibration


I don’t want to do this

Please take me back home

I know you can hear me

You! I can see you please help me

Don’t ignore me please am on my knees


It all started with a promise

Without knowing the behind motive was to seduce

Yes seduce men old enough to be my father or grandfather

All in the name of money

Money that I have never been given

Oh yes I now see that it is true

God made man

Man made money

And money made man mad


I was promised to be taken to a school in the city

Told that I will get out of the village poverty

Please somebody take me home

Oh how I wish on gravity

That it can let me go so I can fly to freedom

And get back to my people

Will I ever be free

I guess the joke is on me




These poems are part of the campaign by Fern Poetry to spread counter trafficking awareness through poetry. Once the poem campaign in finished, students create their own poems depending on how they received the CTIP message.


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