Kenya Blue Hearts Grassroots Initiative (KBHGI)

Blue Hearts against human trafficking
TheBlue Hearts Campaign against human trafficking by UNODC, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) calls human trafficking the crime that shames us all.

Fern Poetry, Sanalimu Art Ensemble and Rafiki Mwafrika are local youthful grassroots educative organizations that use performing arts to educate the public on issues of social economic justice. These three organizations together with Consolation East Africa (CEA) and Riruta Environmental Group (REG) have come together to form an initiative known as the Kenya Blue Hearts Grassroots Initiative (KBHGI).

The three artistic organizations intend to created artistic productions on human trafficking in a bid to reach a wider audience in Kenya. REG on the other hand intend to use its environmental mobilization activities to spread the counter human trafficking message. Apart from UNODC Blue Heart campaign, the groups have been inspired by the Koinonia Research and Development Service (KARDS)  study of 2009 on the proliferation of human trafficking within the East African Region. The blue hearts campaign by the  UNODC  presents an easy and simple image to reach out as many publics as possible. It could also be explained in the following ways:

  • There is need to help eliminate the contemporary forms of slavery in Kenya and East Africa. These include the exploitative massage parlours, brothels, gardens, sex tourism, exploitative domestic work, mines and the forced labour, and the sexual exploitation and exploiting  the bodies of other human beings for organs to be used for medical and other purposes.
  • Women and men  get smuggled across borders in search of jobs as house servants. Once in their destinations they become captives and cannot escape ending up as victims of human trafficking. Young girls and women on the other hand are offered a plane ticket to take a well-paying job in another country to find out upon arrival that the job is nothing better than prostitution, and cannot escape until they have reimbursed the investment that was made in them, are the victims of human trafficking.
  • Vulnerable children who are taken away from their home environments for purposes of being sponsored and then end up becoming slaves too are victims of human trafficking.
Following the 2009 study, KARDS has used various approaches to educate the various publics on the extent of both domestic and international human trafficking. The KARDS campaign is done through Consolation East Africa (CEA) a local NGO dedicated to spreading the awareness against human trafficking in Kenya and Tanzania’s FBOs and Grassroots organizations. CEA on its part builds the capacity of grassroots organizations to educate their own communities by use of “grassroots innovative approaches.” Hence it is for this reason that Fern Poetry, Sanalimu Arts Ensemble and Rafiki Mwafrikaare now collaborating through the use of arts and drama to disseminate counter trafficking messages to schools, faith based organizations and general publics as part of their community outreach programs.
It is in this same spirit that the member KBHGI  have provided partial sponsorship for this play. They intend to perform their play known as Blue Hearts in the local theatre groups in Nairobi and also take it to the grassroots through in their community outreach program and school tours.The KBHGI initiative is looking for more partners and supporters. Their main aim is to use performance and visual arts and environmental tools to spread  messages against human trafficking.The activities of the KBHGI can be seen from here:

Fern Poerty

Sanalimu Arts Ensemble


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