Secondary School Education as a Tool to Counter Human Trafficking

Presented by Shivachi the principal of Topmark High School

Though less talked about nor appreciated; human trafficking is an issue affecting the society within Dagoretti putting in mind that a large population in the area lives below the poverty line.

Top  Mark High School was established with one of the objectives being to curb human trafficking in the area. This it has been able to achieve through provision of education.

Education imparts skills in people and this has made it possible for those leaving  school to engage in various trades and professions that are legal instead of being employed as house helps and being exploited or even enslaved by the rich.

Top Mark High School has provided affordable education thus giving students from humble families an chance to develop their own skills and talents instead of being employed as house helps

Education has helped children understand their rights thus standing up against parents and relatives who want to offer them up for employment. Many people want to employ little children as house helps so that they(the people )can exploit these innocent children. Education has played a great role in sensitizing children and parents of their rights and duties.

In school, many of those who have been rescued from being trafficked have been counseled and given chance to fit back in society and feel accepted. Such children have helped helped identify traffickers –who have faced the law thus discouraging others –and also have helped identify other at risk who have been rescued.

Education has helped the youth especially from poor families to more discerning by equipping them with knowledge to understand that not all people or organization that promise to help them have good intentions. This has discouraged children from being lured into slavery or exploitation by the promise of a better life.

Many people are easily trapped by human traffickers due to being idle and the feeling of being useless in the society. Educational institutions have therefore occupied these people making them feel useful people in the society as they give people hope thus reducing the target of human.

By sensitizing the students in school about human trafficking, schools have managed to reach out to society spreading awareness about human trafficking thus making the people proactive in dealing with the vice.

Education id therefore one of the main tools that are very helpful in fighting human trafficking. It should therefore be supported by all means.


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