A Counter Human Trafficking Symposium for the Faith based and Grassroots Organizations in East Africa 22nd to 24th November 2011

Human Trafficking is a dehumanizing crime that reduces people to economic subjects. Past studies have found that victims of human trafficking in East Africa are used for labor, ritual or sexual purposes. In extreme cases their organs are extracted to be sold to rich patients locally or in the west.

There are also some reports indicating that the extracted organs may be used for witchcraft, superstitious and other unknown purposes. A practice that was highly reported in East Africa is that of child sale which involved medics and religious people. The children are sold to rich childless families or other people that may require them for other reasons. Five main reasons have been established as the push factors of human trafficking problem in East Africa. They include poverty, greed, corruption, war and lack of education.

Human trafficking problem is experienced in politically unstable areas where boys are recruited for combat purposes and girls for sexual exploitation and labor by the militia groups. Economically stable countries attract people mainly for labor and for sexual exploitation. In East Africa, human trafficking culprits include extended family members and acquaintances who abuse the indigenous culture of generosity. Children homes have also not been spared for trusting unscrupulous adopters. International human trafficking in East Africa is fuelled by bogus employment agencies.

Governments, non governmental, faith based and grassroots organizations are slowly becoming important players in spreading the awareness against this vice and in assisting trafficked victims. In their innovative approaches to address the problem of human trafficking they exemplify a social welfare and empowerment structure amongst the poor.

KARDS, Consolation East Africa, Jesuit Hakimani Centre and Diakonia Institute of Nairobi  and Trace Kenya of Mombasa amongst other faith based and grassroots organizations are pleased to welcome you to a counter human trafficking symposium that will be held from the 22nd to  24th of November 2011. This symposium amongst other aims will hope to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Enable participants understand the concept of human trafficking
  • Share knowledge, skills and experiences from different FBOS and grassroots working to fight against the problem of human trafficking
  • Understand different tools  and resources (both legal, economic and psycho social) available for victim assistance
  • Create peer to peer linkages aiming to promote effective collaboration and networking amongst counter human trafficking organizations.

During the symposium there will be cultural counter human trafficking performances by Sanalimu, HAART and Riruta Health Project amongst others. Several poems from different secondary schools will also be recited by Fern Poems.  Organizations that will like to share their experiences of countering the problem of human trafficking are advised to get in touch with us through our contacts below.

You are kindly requested to contribute Kshs. 1,500 (one thousand five hundred only) that will go towards expenses such as certification and meals. You are also kindly requested to communicate to us incase of financial difficulties.

Email: consolationeastafrica@gmail.com, Telephone: 0720 812 638, 0736 935 387


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