Ghana tells off UK over threat on gays

Posted  Thursday, November 3  2011 at  18:34

British Prime Minister David Cameron has become Ghanaians’ worst enemy for the moment as several people have called into radio stations to insult him for daring to threaten that countries that do not respect the rights of homosexuals would face aid cuts.

Some infuriated listeners have dared Mr Cameron to go ahead with his threat to cut aid to Ghana because, they are prepared to support the government in any backlash that would follow.

President John Atta Mills has also come out to state that, even though his government appreciated aid from its development partners, the country was not ready to accept aid  with conditions that had  the tendency to destroy the social fabric of the society.

His position has touched a national cord and for once, it is like Ghanaians of all shades have decided to form a  national consensus  to make the practice of e homosexuality illegal.

Flowing with the moods of the time, President Mills said, “let me also say that whilst  we acknowledge all the financial assistance and all the aid which has been given to us by our development partners, we will not accept any aid with strings attached if that aid will not inure to our interest or the implementation or the utilisation of that aid with strings attached would rather worsen our plight as a nation or destroy the very society that we want to use the money to improve”.

In the past few months, the issue had become a heated national debate and reached its peak this week following reports that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened to withdraw aid to  countries that do not legalise homosexuality.

President  Mills has confirmed that, he would not support any initiative that would change the laws to decriminalise the practice of homosexuality even at the risk of suffering aid cuts that might follow the threats by Prime Minister Cameron.

Speaking to journalists at the Osu Castle (State House), President Mills said, Ghana was not ready to take step that would destroy the country’s culture and beliefs, adding that, “Prime Minister Cameron should have taken into account the fact that, social and cultural circumstances were not the same as it prevails in the UK.

The people of the UK may accept the practice but, our people frown on it.”

President Mills who has touted his Christian believe ever since assuming office said, “I as president of this nation will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana”.


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