Mother chops off children’s ears

By Fred Siminyu  (email the author)

Posted  Friday, October 14  2011 at  00:0

The 30-year-old woman wounded her three children after her husband reportedly married a second wife.


 Three children are in severe pain after their mother allegedly sliced their ears. One of the victim’s ears was completely severed, while two had parts of their ears seriously injured.

The chairman Buhemba Trading Centre, Namayingo District, Mr Malingu Mwato, said the youngest child is one year old and the eldest victim, eight. “The woman might have done it out of hysteria, neglect by her husband or sheer madness,” Mr Malingu told Daily Monitor on Monday. He added: “She did not only cut the ears of the children but tried to cut hers as well.” However, the woman reportedly said the cut was supposed to serve as a mark so that her children are not stolen.

While suggesting a possible case of insanity, Mr Mwato said the woman’s eldest daughter got married in the same area and had days earlier shown signs of madness and was undergoing treatment at Bugiri Hospital. A neighbour, who requested for anonymity, said the couple was living peacefully together until her husband married a second wife in a nearby village.

The accused had out of anger then left her home and stayed with her parents before returning and reportedly committing the gruesome act. The District Police Commander, Mr Ben Okea, said a case of causing grievous harm had been registered against the 30-year-old woman. “The woman is with us here but she has refused to utter any word to anybody,” Mr Okea said.

“We are planning to send her to hospital for a medical check-up to ascertain whether she is normal,” he added. Daily Monitor established that the children’s ears had been stitched from a facility designated as drug shop but the in-charge declined to divulge his identity to this reporter.

Rotting ears
When Daily Monitor traced the children to their home, 40 kilometres from Namayingo Town, their wounds had become septic. A combination of powdered medicine and local herbs had not made the wounds any better. The children, who are now under the care of their stepmother, also lack food and the rented room they are staying in was filthy.


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