Economy of Communion in EA Part VI: Business Operating Principles

Management and Internal relations

Business owners take part in the EoC and embrace a life style of communion as the fundamental value of their organization. This lifestyle infuses the organization with a special sensitivity toward efficiency, participatory decision making and a spirit of team work. Here all aspects of the business are evaluated in a transparent manner paying attention to the quality of relationships among everyone involved, with actions suggested at all levels for the improvement and benefit of the entire business.

In managing the business and nurturing internal relationships with among employees, EoC owners therefore  hold on to the following fundamental beliefs:

High regard and passion for their work.

To see work as an expression of their humanity and as a vacation, an important part of whom we are as human beings and a significant contributor for living a fulfilling life.

Find fulfillment in giving themselves to their colleagues, clients and competitors.

Value team success over individual achievement.

Find time to know each other personally so that to understand each ones back grounds, talents and gifts.

Treat everyone with equality, dignity and respect.

To acknowledge that work related activities sometimes cause hardship and difficulties but realize these can be opportunity for personal growth and reward. They assign value to sufferings and failures (individually and as a team) convinced that every authentic growth cannot avoid facing and overcoming crisis and difficulties. They should have experience that any negative impact is diminished when everyone shares the burdens of the situation.

External Relationships

Improve the value of organizational members by nurturing internal and external relations.

Being passionate by exceeding client’s expectations to deliver products and services of high quality in a timely and responsive manner.

Act as a positive and unifying force for local community development y building strong relations with those near their places of work.

They are aware of the larger world beyond their local community and look for ways to positively contribute to its development and sustainability.

They view their competitors as equals and necessary for the growth and improvement of the market and appreciating their contribution to improve the quality of organizational products and services.

Corporate Values And Culture

In EoC each member is encouraged to embrace universal values of truthfulness, respect, fairness, forgiveness, honesty, equality and freedom.

Quality of Life and Environment

Become a true community in quality of life and the environment by organizing periodical meetings to reinforce interpersonal relationships and contribute in resolving difficult situations.

Provide just compensation and benefit programs.

Monitor and minimize use of natural resources and engage in the re-use and recycling of materials.

Harmony in the Work Environment

Act to maintain a clean and pleasant working area. Dress properly at all moments in work relations

Paul Kisolo: Executive Consultant KARDS

Millicent Agutu: Administrator KARDS

Francis Owino: Administrator REG


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