Economy of Communion Part II: The Core Values


The EoC finds its drive from the scriptures

“The community of believers was……of one heart and mind……There was no needy person among them.”  (Acts of the Apostles 4:32-37)

EOC is an international economic and social movement made up of the community and the people in need working at different levels using diverse tools in order to transform the whole world and make economy into a more humane environment where living, working and loving are part and parcel of “living a communion in freedom.”  EoC companies  commit themselves to following management principles and beliefs that enable them to bring the universal values of liberty, equality, fraternity and communion while effecting the day to day business decisions while working within market structures.

Cornerstone of any business operations is its human capital. Hence it is important to forster communion with employees by paying particular attention to their health, well being and development as well as to establishing, sustaining and enhancing ethical relationships with each employee, vendor, customer and the local community members and as well the government and labor unions.

The mission of EoC  enterprises  is to promote  social justice through business  animated with the universal values of liberty, equality, fraternity and communion so as to alleviate poverty and encourage self-sustainability through an equitable redistribution and sharing of resources. Their goal is to build a more just and humane market economy and society in which “No one is in need.”


EoC Vision

An EoC organization is one in which:

– each person recognizes the shared responsibility of building a workplace community of mutual respect.

– listening with openness and involving and empowering others is understood as a way to draw from their strengths and talents so as to build a common vision from our diversity.

– the talents, skills and shared resources of our employees create something that is greater than the sum of our parts.

-Communication is considered to be a gift of self, and view open and honest communication as a foundation of the trust that organizational members  build with each other, and of the integrity with which members perform their work. The fruit of that trust is honesty and sharing of ideas without  fear. We value and nurture our relationships with each other, with  customers, suppliers, partners, and all with whom the organization work with. The organizational members enjoy working together, and celebrate each other’s successes as well as to support each other in times of difficulty.

– As a people-centered organization, people work together to meet the needs of their customers, while giving back to society and to the local communities with the well-being of others and the common good in mind. Members look for ways to perform works of charity and care to all those with whom they come into contact with in concrete ways.

EoC Mission

To bring organizational members experiences, education, creativity, talents, personalities and group synergy  together in order to support  clients in solving their most difficult earth science and environmental challenges.  This is done using the most state-of-the-art technologies to achieve technically sound and cost effective solutions.

The EoC Values

Resource Sharing

The EoC believes in voluntary sharing of business profits and societal needs to create an equitable re-distribution of global resources in an atmosphere of solidarity and reciprocity. EoC global networks actively share in the lives of those in poverty and facilitates timely financial support to address the lack of food, shelter, clothing, medical care and job training.


The EoC believes in building sound relationships based on mutual respect, care and open communication among executives, managers and employees, and with customers, suppliers, and competitors.  It promotes the spreading of a ‘culture of giving’ and the sense of ‘family’ by placing the human person at the center of its enterprises, and holding workshops and training programs to help infuse this atmosphere.

Work Environment

The EoC believes in fostering participative environments within the  workplace by promoting teamwork and encouraging innovation, creativity and responsibility.  It dedicates time and resources to implement policies that model and reward this behavior.


The EoC believes in building cohesive and healthy organizations. It works to clearly communicate fundamental values and create business environments that are open, honest and hospitable.

Ethics and Morality

The EoC believes in adopting the highest ethical standards. It recognizes each person’s inherent dignity and the need to comply with all laws and regulations while protecting our environment.

Paul Kisolo: Executive Consultant KARDS

Milicent Agutu: Administrator KARDS

Francis Owino: Administrator REG


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