Pornography in Arusha

 Children watch them freely in shacks and homes. By the Arusha Times

Pornographic materials especially full length films and videos are becoming a ‘free-for-all’ affair in Arusha Municipality and its suburbs, this paper has discovered.

As home entertainment technology advances, Arusha streets keep getting filled with all types of digital media materials most  of them being imported films, videos and music but also some of the viewing materials not suitable for under-age youths have also been saturating the market.

Investigations conducted around town have revealed that, either out of ignorance or purposely, traders are now displaying  and distributing around lewd films and videos and do not seem to care who the buyers turn out to be and in this case most are youths and even children.

The ‘blue movies’ wide distribution is being fuelled by recent mass availability of films-on-discs such as those recorded or burned on Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs), Video Discs (VCD) and highly compressed CD-ROMs and the new high-capacity technology known as Divx.

All these are being sold freely and relatively cheaply in town by mobile disc hawkers, film outlets and retail shops. The price for a single DVD disc range between Tsh. 2500 to Tsh. 3500, but those containing materials ‘unsuitable for children’ are sold at a much higher price tag, starting with Tsh 5000 going up.

“Few people buy films nowadays as most can easily download them online, business is bad because the market is saturated with hundreds of readily available, cheap film titles,” stated a retailer who runs a shop in Pangani area.

It has been discovered that most of the movies are pirated ‘Hollywood’ materials majority of them coming from China and Hong-Kong but there are others made in Dar-es-salaam.

In the past, blue movies were things found in TV shacks in slums area where people would pay between Tsh. 100 and Tsh. 200 to watch films and live soccer matches. These shacks are common in Ngarenaro, Kijenge and Unga-Limited areas. They reportedly also continue to screen pornographic films during the night.

But, Some youths enjoy surfing such contents via the World Wide Web; those in the know-how even burn copies from the free sights.

As for the street peddled blue movies the customers are said to be youngsters and since most schools are closed, buyers are currently in plenty. John (not his real name), vends CDs in town and he bristled when asked why he was selling ‘dirty’ movies to minors.

“I never watch the films I sell and they are many of them, if some happens to have nude scene then that has nothing to do with me, besides all modern movies feature some dirty scenes, yes even those being produced locally,” he retorted.

Meanwhile in effort to reduce pornographic content surfing, a number of Internet booths (cyber cafes) have started to post notices in their walls restricting opening of sex oriented web pages some threatening penalties of up to Tsh. 5000 per person.

In recent months  Arusha’s Regional Commissioner Isidore Shirima  condemned the  practice of  screening pornographic material, and  especially  to children,  vowing that he would make sure that the infamous movie shacks in  slums  areas  would be forced to closed down.  Since he made that vow  more of them  opened undeterred.



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