Gender Mainstreaming Training I

By Sammy Mwangi


This We Believe

We believe

Creation and future

Dwells within the

Creativity of women

And feminine of men

Women and men are

Equal And beautiful

Creation of God

Freedom of both to choose.

Women have as much

To offer

As men to the community

That if the community is people,

Each person has a right

To be part of the functioning

And power of the community

To make decisions

Women and men are inter-dependent

And complementary (not opposed)

And must work as equal partners.

Women have the right

To discuss any matter.

Women are “long-sighted”


As well as without.

Women are good supporters (nourishers)

Women are “quiet achievers”.

Women have reflected

On their reality

And are acting out.

Women have inner strength

And “hold things together”.

Women have sense of responsibility

And cope in difficulties.

Women are “stayers”

Women develop unselfishness

Within their family relationship                                                                                                              

-from the Bidwell Women’s Group


  • The poem sets the agenda for women
  • Considers women and what they can offer
  • Understand the concept of the dynamics of gender
  • Women as equal partner with men.

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  1. sebastian deogratias
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 20:49:40

    all tanzanian we suppose to figt against ponography movies in tanzania,,,,especially for the childreans,,



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