Gender Mainstreaming Training IV

By Sammy Mwangi

Internalization of Gender Sensitivity

Internalization of gender sensitivity  should lead us to take action toward creating awareness. Describing equity as a historical disadvantages which lead to equality in terms of opportunities, services, employment the facilitator gave an example of a girl who is discouraged in school that she can’t perform mathematics that it is a subject for boys grows up knowing that leading to opportunities related to mathematics.

Women are supposed to be encouraged to participate competitively in any position and on merit which will provide critical guidelines to gender issues and policies.

In analyzing of resources within gender division of labor it was emphasized to identify resources (inputs) and factors influencing men/women access to and control over resources. These resources can be classified as need or benefit i.e. money may be in the productive role and a benefit (income earned). In this case changes could take place in the level/condition of access to control over some resources to all women/men to engage into new roles they have chosen leading to the identification of women and men’s different gender needs.

The needs were classified in two different kinds such as practical Gender Needs (PGN) and Strategic gender needs.

Practical Gender Needs.

These are immediate, material daily needs and also referred to as satisfiers. They are expressed through the demand to more access to resources/opportunities to perform the existing gender roles. PGN includes water, food, employment, shelter clothing e.t.c.

Strategic Gender Needs (SGN)

These are long term consciousness raising and empowerment training which includes eliminating sexual division of labor and combating sexual discrimination.

When women/men (community) want to change the customary gender divisions of labour, power relations and factors that create gender inequalities, they express a strategic gender need as they directly challenge gender based power relation.


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