ETHIOPIA: Christians flee after 69 Churches Burned Down

ADDIS-ABABA, March 25, 2011 (CISA) –
Muslim extremists have burned down 69 Protestant churches 46 of them Pentecostal in southwestern Ethiopia.
The violence started in the town of Asendabo following reports that the Qur’an was being flushed down the toilet at one of the churches, according to CWN.
Thirty homes, a school, and an orphanage have also been burned down; the number of Christians who have fled their homes has risen in recent days to 10,000, according to International Christian Concern, a human rights organization that assists victims of persecution.
“I don’t know what will be next; first they burn our churches and houses. Are they going to kill us now?” said Wolde Giorgis, an elementary school teacher.
“I don’t care who started the violence. The fact is that thousands of local Muslims, my neighbors, have participated in it. That’s why I don’t see a future for me and other Christians in this town anymore,” he added.
According to Vatican statistics, one percent of the nation’s 79.2 million people are Catholic, 50 percent are Oriental Orthodox, 10 percent are Protestant, and 33 percent are Muslim.

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