The spirituality of the Comboni Missionary is centred in Jesus the Good Shepherd


Core: The spirituality of the Comboni Missionary is centred in Jesus the Good Shepherd as source of his life and mission.
SEEING: In the first stage we saw that our spirituality lacks clarity and is poor. This means that our life and our mission do not rely enough on Jesus Christ.

What do you suggest for the Institute?

  • At Personal Level

To enhance our Spirituality at the personal level we are asked to:

  1. Organise our spiritual life in accordance to the Rule of Life with proper time for prayer, spiritual reading, Lectio Divina, days of recollection, annual retreat, moments of prayer and of relax etc..
  2. Take advantage of regular spiritual direction and, in case of need, of counselling.
  3. Find a proper balance and unity between prayer and action.
  4. Pay more attention to personal and communitarian spiritual growth.
  5. Take and keep the resolution to read the whole Rule of Life at least once a year.
  6. Centre our life and mission on Christ the Good Shepherd and responsibly carry out our pastoral activities.
  7. Recover our spirituality and the sense of our Comboni life through Comboni’s Writings and the history of our Institute and missionary experiences.
  8. Be attuned to the Local Church and parishes in which we live and work.
  9. Prepare the Yearly Personal Life Project since witness of life appeals to people more than the reasons of our activities.
  10. Read the signs of the times in a positive way.
  11. Develop a listening attitude towards the confreres and the people.
  12. Each confrere should seek a deeper relation with the Pierced Heart of Christ and a proper knowledge of Comboni.
  13. Each Confrere should have a serious personal spiritual journey through spiritual direction, sacramental reconciliation and self supervision and evaluation.
  14. Each Confrere, in his work, is called to a constant conversion of heart.
    • At Community Level
  1. We should make better use of the space in the community for sharing our personal journey with the confreres, in order to improve communication among us.
  2. We should always be ready to offer and receive counselling and brotherly correction.
  3. Our spirituality must always be founded on the Word of God and be missionary oriented.
  4. We should foster our knowledge and appreciation of each other and of the situation in which we work.
  5. In our community great attention must be given to personal and communitarian growth, promoting and favouring On Going Formation initiatives.
  6. Fidelity to community activities such as Days of recollection, Community Council, etc…
  7. Superiors of the communities are to be the true animators of spiritual life of the community.
  8. Our communities should be Christ centred (cenacle of apostles).
  9. Revitalise our Prayers in community, by reviving our traditional forms proper to the Institute: Adoration, Devotion to the Sacred Heart, and Patron Saints of the Institute, Stations of the Cross, Rosary etc.
  10. The Community must have time for planning and evaluation of the work in an atmosphere of prayer and meditation.
  11. Each community must elaborate its Community charter.
  12. Each community should create a healthy and communitarian environment for all the members who should feel welcome and appreciated.
  13. The community must pay proper attention to young confreres who are to be introduced to the place and the missionary work.
  14. Each community must programme its celebrations of reconciliation
  15.  Community members are to be aware of working for the Lord and not for themselves.
    • At Provincial/Delegation Level
  1. The P/D Superior should emphasise the need of a deeper silence and personal prayer in each community.
  2. All the members of the P/D should make use of the provincial retreats  and other initiatives, to deepen their understanding of Comboni Spirituality, charism …
    • At Continental Level
  1. There is a widespread need of a continental OGF plan.
  2. Inter provincial encounters for different age groups should be organised.
    • At Institute Level
  1. The Institute should train confreres specialized in spiritual direction, retreats, counselling, in view of fostering a Comboni spirituality.
  2. The Institute should select formators among well identified confreres, who are known for their deep spirituality and identification and missionary experience.
  3. The Institute should encourage the on going formation team to offer courses on Comboni Spirituality to the provinces.
  4. Spirituality of the brothers to be appreciated, promoted and valued.
  5. The richness and values of community life should be acknowledged and  made use of at the level of Institute.
  6. The Institute should address seriously the tensions caused by elements of inculturation, internationality and globalisation brought into it by the contemporary society.
  7. The Institute should favour and make use of the publication of written material on spirituality on Comboni and elaborate booklets with Comboni prayer.
  8. The Institute is to pay adequate attention to newly professed and ordained as well as to those newly assigned to a different country.
  9. Humility in the service of authority is the golden rule in all levels of the Institute.



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