Training on Resource Mobilization

KARDS Development Consultants “An empowerment resource for the humble and the lowly in Africa”  will commence a training program on mobilization and Management of Project Resources.

Program Duration: 5 Days, Monday 5th September 2011 – Friday 9th September 2011 (8.30am – 4.00pm)

Training Program Output

The training program aims at building capabilities of individuals/organizations in the domain of resource management. Read more on why it is important to have good resource mobilization skills  here.
Training Program Outline
  • Definition of Resources, Resource mobilization and Outline
  • Types of Resources and Resource Providers
  • Mechanism of Resource Mobilization (internal and external)
  • Analysis of Factors that Motivate Resource Providers
  • Model of Project Proposal
  • Good Governance and Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Time Management
  • Report Writing
  • Human Resource Management
  • The Role of ICT in Resource Mobilization
  • Operational Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
Costing: A fee of 9,500Ksh. is charged per participant. This fee is inclusive of professional fee, tea, a meal and certificate. Certificates will only be issued to those who successfully complete the training.
N/B: Accommodation will/can only be pre-arranged on timely request.
About Us

KARDS is a community-based consultancy inaugurated in the year 2002 and is geared towards the socio economic empowerment of the lowly in Africa. It embraces its mission of empowerment through provision of training, applied research and consultancy services.
Kindly contact
The Administrator
KARDS Development Consultants Ltd
P.O. Box 16139 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. Nos. (+254) (20) 3877553, 0720 812 638, 0736 935 387

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