Student, 25, killed in Nairobi lodging

The Mersok Guest House in Ngara, Nairobi, where the body of college student Ruth Wairimu Ng’ang’a was found.

Photo/DENNIS OKEYO/NATION The Mersok Guest House in Ngara, Nairobi, where the body of college student Ruth Wairimu Ng’ang’a was found

Nation, Posted  Wednesday, July 13 2011 at 22:30 By ANGIRA ZADOCK zangira@ke,

A college girl was killed in a Nairobi lodging house after a night out with friends.

The body of Ms Ruth Wairimu Ng’ang’a, 25, a journalism student at Smart Media College, was found in a room at Mersok Guest House in Ngara on Saturday morning.

Police are holding her boyfriend, said to be a Tanzanian. In a bizarre twist, detectives also said they were looking for the girl’s mother who is said to have travelled from her rural home to receive money from the boyfriend a day after her daughter was killed.

Ms Ng’ang’a’s body had bruises on the neck and she was bleeding from the nose, mouth and ears.

Her hand bag was missing but college fee receipts and some substance suspected to be narcotic drugs were in the room.

Starehe police boss Aphiod Nyaga said the powdery substance had been taken to the Government Chemist for analysis.

A postmortem shall be conducted on Thursday to establish the cause of Ms Ng’ang’as death, he said.

Sources said Ms Ng’ang’a went to Ngara’s Super Mambo Club on Friday evening and started drinking with two male friends, one of them a disk jockey at the club.

The boyfriend who had travelled from Nakuru arrived later and found her with the men.

There was an argument between them before he sat at another table and ordered food.

Accompany him home

After eating he asked her to accompany him home but she refused. The man left but came back after about an hour.

At around 4.30 am, she called her roommate to inform her that she had taken a taxi and was heading to the room.

However, she was seen leaving with the suspect’s friend. Her body was found later in the morning.

Police are also baffled why her mother travelled from Komothai in Githunguri a day after her death to receive Sh44,000 from the suspect.

One of the detectives on the case said the two met at a Ngara hotel. Asked why he gave out the money, the suspect said he was repaying a loan the woman had advanced to him.

Sources told Nation that a relative of Ms Ng’ang’a had told them the suspect had threatened her with dire consequences if she did not remit proceeds of some things she had been given to sell.

Ms Gathombi Muchomba, the director of Smart College, on Tom Mboya Street, said Ms Ng’ang’a had been warned against associating with ‘‘strange people who would come and pick her from college’’.

The boyfriend told police that he is a witchdoctor from Tanzania and operates in Nairobi, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Elsewhere, a man was shot dead when four gangsters raided a bar in Mlolongo. The gang started robbing patrons but the deceased defied the order to surrender his valuables.

Another group of four robbers attacked a man in his house in Syokimau where they robbed him of a vehicle, a laptop and two mobile phones.

In Pangani, two gangsters who attempted to carjack a saloon car were arrested by police who rescued the motorist.

The man was driving in his vehicle when he was confronted.


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