Pictures on child sacrifice in Uganda

Thursday, 7 January 2010 BBC

Gathering of Loro villagers in a grassy field.

Villagers in loro come to the spot where 18 old month Robina was found with her throat cut. They fear that more children could be abducted for child sacrifice.

10-year old Shafiq surrounded by his family

10 years old Shaffik (in the middle) was abducted and taken to a shrine to be sacrificed. The knives were ready but when they saw that he was circumcised he was no longer deemed pure enough and was let go. He now lives in hiding.

Mutilated three-year old with his parents

3 years old Mukisa was abducted and had his genitals cut off for witchcraft. He now lives away from his parents as he requires medical attention in the capital, Kampala.

Poster campaigning against child sacrifice

Ugandan government and NGOs campaign against child sacrifice. The practice is on the rise as more people use it in the belief  it could help them get rich, or obtain desirable consumer goods.


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