E-resources against human trafficking

IOM Study on East Africa Here
Human trafficking in Uganda here
Multi stakeholder approach in addressing human trafficking problem here
Street based child sexual exploitation in Cambogia here
What is human traficking here
Human Trafficking in South Eastern Europe here
Apparel industry in five SSA countries here

Surprising effects of better law enforcement against child trafficking here


Global crime clan here

A great deal here

Heroin opiate here

Modern emancipation here

Botnet here

Exodus Cry here

Act to prevent trafficking here

Ask.com here

Bing Here

Home about growth magazine here

Enotes here

Famous people here

Spiritus temporis here

Southern Africa Anti trafficking trust here

Human trafficking blog here

Children manual on HT here

GAATW Commentary on KARDS Research here

KARDS Quoted here

Child abuse in Kenya and Tanzania here

Police arrests a Tanzanian Human Trafficker in UK here

Media and Human trafficking: UN.GIFT here

Forced labour facts and figures, ILO, the cost of coercion regional perspective Africa here

Fact sheet on Labour exploitation by World Vision 2009: Here

Human trafficking the Facts. UN.GIFT Global Initiative to fight human trafficking. Find it here

IOM (2008), In Pursuit of the Southern Dream: Victims of Necessity” Nairobi. Also found online here

ANNPCAN (2007). First international Conference in Africa on Child Sexual Abuse: Enhancing knowledge through research, practices to protect children against sexual abuse. Nairobi, Kenya. Also found online here

ANNPCAN (2007), Preconference for children on sexual abuse. Nairobi, Kenya. Also found online here

Combating Human Trafficking; Broadening the perspective; Report delivered at Stop child trafficking centre. Helinki, Finland 1-3 June 2003 by Gloria Moreno and Fontes Chammartin. Also found online here

COTU (2007). The degradation of work, trafficking in persons from a labor perspective: The Kenyan Experience. Solidarity Center Also found online here

ECPAT (2007). Global Monitoring report on the status of action against sexual exploitation of children in Kenya. Bangkok, Thailand.

ECPAT (2007). Status of Action against Commercial Exploitation of Children in Uganda. Bangkok, Thailand. Also found online here

Elaine Pearson (2000). Human Rights and Trafficking in Persons: A Handbook. Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women, Bangkok. Also found online here 

Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (2006), Human Rights and Trafficking in Persons: A handbook. Bankok, Thailand. Also found online here

GTZ (2004), Study on Trafficking in Women in East Africa. Also found online here

International Organization for Migration-IOM (2005). Data and research on human trafficking: A global survey. Also found onlinehere

IOM (2008): Human Trafficking in East Africa: Research Assessment and Baseline Information in Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. Nairobi. Also found online here

Koinonia Community (2007): The inventory and activities for street children in Nairobi. Nairobi, Koinonia Community also found online here

Kenya Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (2007), The degradation of work, trafficking from a labor perspective; The Kenya Experience. Nairobi. Also found online here

The Cradle The children’s foundation (2006). Grand iIlussions, shattered dreams: report on the status of human trafficking in Kenya. Also found online here

Tranh Dam Truong (2006). Poverty gender and human trafficking in Sub Saharan Africa: Rethinking best practices in migration practices. UNESCO, Hague also found online here

Tranh Dam Truong and Maria Belen Angeles (2005). Searching for best practices to counter human trafficking in Africa: A focus on women and children. UNESCO, Hague. Also found online here

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2006). Toolkit to combat trafficking in persons. Also found online here

UHAI Initiative here

Akiba Uhaki Foundation here
Funding opportunities here
Posted by Social Entreprising Africa 29th March 2009 

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