Collaboration to counter human trafficking in Tanzania

Posted on October 8, 2010 by The Counter Human Trafficking Blog in Tanzania

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IOM supports the Government of Tanzania and the Tanzanian society in addressing the problem of human trafficking by providing assistance to victims of trafficking and building the capacity of service providers, relevant ministries, and NGOs to respond to the needs of victims of trafficking. This programme also provides the victims of trafficking with long-term assistance and protection and assists the government in its efforts to further increase public awareness to the dangers of human trafficking. With the passing of the Anti-Trafficking Act in 2008, the work of IOM has shifted to technical assistance to build the capacity of the Government Departments who have been assigned responsibilities within the new law. The implementation of the programme includes relevant ministries of the Government of Tanzania.

The challenge of irregular migration also affects Tanzania: the borders of Tanzania are crossed every year by thousands of irregular migrants, mainly from Ethiopia and Somalia, on their way to South Africa. Many of them are intercepted by Tanzanian Police and Immigration and end up in prisons. This has created a humanitarian crisis both for the Government of Tanzania, with an overpopulation of migrants in the prisons, and the home countries of the migrants. IOM has been assisting the Government of Tanzania / Immigration Department to build its capacity in managing these mixed migration flows and increase their screening skills as to distinguish asylum seekers and very vulnerable migrants, as well as with voluntary assisted return of the migrants willing to return home.

The main Projects of IOM include:

Counter-Trafficking Initiative in Tanzania through Preventive Measures, Protection and Victims Assistance

Rural Communities’ Approach to Human Trafficking in Tanzania

Providing Humanitarian Assistance to Irregular migrants from Horn of Africa in Tanzania


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