Belief in witchcraft in Kenya

By Citizentv.

Since time immemorial human beings have always believed in something or someone beyond their powers a supernatural force and when times are hard or they are in need that goes beyond a natural help they run to seek for help and guidance from the what they believe in. Some believe in praying others believe that fasting will bring them closer to God while others believe in going to the witchdoctors for help.
Many have argued that such powers are not real and that witchcraft is just but a myth we set out on a journey to try and find out does witchcraft really exists? And if it does where is it? Our investigative team went out to find out more and our reporter Michael Njenga begins a series on witchdoctors.

Even though the belief in witchcraft is not openly acknowledged many people consult the services of witchdoctors.

You have probably heard people talk about Kamuti or witchcraft charms famous in Ukambani. On our second episode of our continuing series of witchdoctors our reporter Michael Njenga meets with a woman seeking to save her breaking home.

Mombasa is known for its beautiful sights…the sandy beaches, the majestic historical sights… Just some of the things that make the coastal city one of the most attractive tourist spots. But beneath the beauty and splendour, the coast is also known to have some of the most dreaded witchdoctors in East Africa. In our third episode of witchdoctors, our reporter Michael Njenga visited Mombasa and brings us the experience from the coastal town.

Land matters have always been handled in different ways; there are those who rush to courts to settle disputes, while others opt to talk it out through the family set up. But as Michael Njenga found out, in Mombasa there are others who think they are better off paying a visit to a witchdoctor, to find a way out of the land problems still ahead.

Many of us associate the practice of witchcraft with poverty, thinking that only the poor visit witchdoctors in pursuit of a change of fortune…but did you know that even the rich go to look for fame and fortune elsewhere? In the last episode of our captivating series, witchdoctors, our reporter Michael Njenga visited a practitioner in Kinoo, Kiambu county, where he came face-to-face with a different type of clientele.


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