Don’t underrate effects of unchecked pornography

EAS Published on 18/06/2010

The goings on at a court in Nyahururu on Thursday and the subsequent Press reports may have escaped public attention. The court put a boy, 13, under probation for one year for defiling a five-year-old girl. The boy was convicted on his own plea of guilty. But on being asked where he picked the habit, he said he had been watching pornographic films at public video dens in Subukia.

When such things occur, we must ask the hard questions: Are the video dens littering shopping centres licensed? Do the authorities conduct checks to see what kind of material they show?

What measures are there to ensure children are not exposed to adult-only shows? Are parents monitoring children to protect them from negative influence?

What steps have communities around trading centres with such video dens taken?

The rate at which pornographic material is being peddled is worrying and something needs to be done to save Kenya from sliding down the slippery pit of sexual violence. Above all, children must be protected from viewing these materials and adults made fully responsible for the indecent shows.

The Government, religious leaders, and communities should stop underrating the influences of pornography and confront the problem head-on.

The rising cases of sexual violence against women and children attest to the need for urgent intervention and the best way to do this is by targeting the root causes.



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