New bid to curb the human trafficking of Somalis

Somalia and Kenya will join forces to combat the trafficking of desperate Somalis.


Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Nur said well connected cartels on the Kenya-Somalia border charge huge sums of money to bring into Kenya hundreds of Somalis.

Mr Nur said the racketeers demand between $1,500 (Sh120,000) and $2,000 (Sh160,000) to smuggle a person into Kenya in transit to South Africa and Europe.

He said the traffickers lured youths with promises of jobs, education and a better life abroad.

Parents sold their property, including houses and land to afford the huge payments, Mr Nur said.

He said he had held talks with Kenyan Foreign Affairs officials and Coast police boss Aggrey Adoli over joint operations.

“We have decided to work together as trafficking has risen to alarming levels,” he said, adding:

“These cartels are fleecing desperate Somalis with promises of jobs and a better life in South Africa and Europe.”

The diplomat said Somalis were risking their lives in desperate attempts to flee the war-torn country.

“A few days ago, about 50 Somalis died when their boat sank off the Mozambique coast.

“Scores of women are being raped and we are determined to root out the horrific incidents,” the ambassador said.

Mr Nur later addressed 82 young Somalis destined for Daadab refugee camp.

The ambassador warned the immigrants to be wary of human traffickers and urged them to educate their parents on the need to follow proper procedures when seeking asylum in Europe and other countries of Africa.


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