School disowns ‘students’ and ‘teachers’ on trip


The group of girls whose trip to Ireland is the subject of investigations may not have been genuine students after all.

“They were never our students,” said the Kajiado school cited as the institution where the 10 girls were enrolled.

Kajiado Hill Academy director Nancy Mburu said the names of the said students have never been recorded in the school’s register.

Ms Mburu disowned the team that attended a jamboree in Ireland, saying “I will have reported the matter long ago had any of my pupils disappeared”.

“That is pure fiction,” Ms Mburu said of the story that girls from the school’s students had travelled to attend Irish Girl Guides’ international camp.

Revelations by the Kenya Girl Guides Association chairperson Susan Mudhune said two women who had claimed to be teachers at the school were, in fact, not teachers there and appeared to confirm Ms Mburu’s position.

The women had lost touch with the association as soon as its officials started making follow up regarding the girls who made the trip to Ireland.

Ms Mburu said she had received a letter from the Irish Girl Guide trying to establish the whereabouts of the girls.

“I ignored it because I thought the sender(s) missed a digit in the intended postal address,” she said.

Ms Mburu said she had been a director of the school since 1999 but had never heard the story that some of its students travelled to the UK.

“I sometimes receive letters in my postal address that are misplaced so I thought the document inquiring about the girls was not meant for our institution,” she said.

The school, a private institution based in Kajiado town, has both primary and secondary school sections.

According to the Irish Girl Guides, all the girls who attended the scouts jamboree in the UK were from the school.

Four of them vanished after the 2007 event and never returned to Kenya. The letter sent to the KGGA provided details of the group that travelled to the event.

The girl guides in the team were: Caroline Wambui Ngure (leader), Jean Breda Wanjiku, Jane Rose Nyambura, Alice Mumbi, Magdalene Nyaguthii, Wanjiku Marion, Muthoni Ruth, Grace Wanjiru Wahinya, Caroline Njoki, Hannah Muthoni Njenga (leader), Anne Nyatoro Mathenge (leader), Waweru Esther Wahu and Seraha Wambui Njenga (Group leader)


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