Mother and son chop off father’s genitals

By Nation Correspondent Posted Thursday, February 3 2011 at 21:00

A woman connived with her son to chop off her husband’s genitals during a quarrel over money.

Mr Momanyi Okwemwa of Riang’ombenene in Nyaguta sub-location in Kisii was attacked on Tuesday night after he failed to account for Sh150 from tea earnings of Sh400.

Mr Okemwa, a father of seven sons, tried to explain to his wife on getting home how he had spent the money but she insisted that he produce it all.

Sought son’s help

When he failed to do so, she sought the help of one of her sons and beat the man before cutting his penis with a knife.

The two fled and left Mr Okemwa bleeding profusely in his bed.

Area chief Zipporah Anunda said Mr Okemwa was taken to Kisii Level-5 hospital where he was stitched and discharged.

Mrs Anunda said police were looking for the woman and her son.

She condemned the incident and urged families to strive to solve their differences amicably.

“Families should avoid unorthodox means of settling disputes. If differences arise, they should approach the relevant authorities for arbitration,” Mrs Anunda said.


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