Minister accuse gays of spreading HIV

By Patrick Beja Published on 28/01/2011

A Cabinet minister stirred MPs when she claimed gays were responsible for new cases of HIV/Aids infections and should not be ignored.

Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi said 25 per cent of new infections among sex workers come from gays.

“Men-to-men sex is a major challenge in the war against HIV and Aids that we cannot ignore if we want to succeed,” she said.

The minister said shying away from discussing the plight of sex workers including gays would not win the war against HIV in the country.

Murugi described gays as dangerous sex partners because they also infect their wives and girlfriends with sexually transmitted diseases and challenged MPs to come up with radical suggestions to tackle the problem.

The MPs murmured when she said Cuba at one time came up with a suggestion to lock up HIV victims as part of radical decisions to counter the spread of the scourge.

Last year, Murugi caused uproar when she told a meeting at the Coast that gays should be recognized in society as a way of tackling HIV/Aids.

She had said giving gays their rights would enable the country understand them and hence address the problem.

On Friday, Murugi placed the gays case before the MPs and said they were at great risk of contracting and spreading HIV/Aids.


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