UGANDA: Catholic Bishop condemns use of Witchcraft

Issue No. 100 Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NAKASONGOLA, October 12, 2010 (CISA)

A Ugandan prelate is criticizing the continued belief in witchcraft and fetishes in Nakasongola District.

Many residents, said Bishop Paul Ssemogerere of Kasana-Luweero, attribute disease to witchcraft.

The Kasana-Luweero Catholic Bishop has decried the widespread belief in witchcraft in Nakasongola district, describing the vice as a sign of backwardness.

Bishop Ssemwogerere said such practices are so strong in the community that many residents keep fetishes in their homes.

“I remember even President Yoweri Museveni warned me about the vice, and asked me how I was going to fight it,” Ssemwogerere narrated.

The bishop said because of the ungodly beliefs, many Nakasongola residents attribute all ailments, including malaria, to witchcraft.

He noted that some traditional healers were taking advantage of the widespread “ungodly beliefs” to fleece residents of their hard-earned money.

“As Christians, you should know that there is only one God. The witchdoctors are only confusing you to make money. And when you give it to them, they become rich at your expense,” he advised.

The bishop made the remarks on Saturday while presiding over a special mass in honour of the late Antonio Lwanga, who donated the land on which Mijeera Catholic Church was built.

Ssemwogerere hailed Lwanga for the noble gesture, saying it was such acts that enabled Christianity to grow.


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