The Kenya Anti Trafficking in Persons Bill: Advisory Committee

By Richard Muko Ochanda

National Advisory Committee Against Trafficking in Persons

The Bill proposes a national committee headed by the PS in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Other members of this committee include PS for immigration, PS foreign affairs, PS gender, PS children, PS Labour, PS health, PS tourism, the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police, Kenya National Commission for Human Rights representative, two representatives of the civil society, trade unions representatives, Federation of Kenya Employers representative.

The two representatives of the civil society, trade unions representative, Federation of Kenya Employers representative will be appointed by the Minister for Gender issues and shall hold office for a term of three years renewable once.

The National Advisory Committee will have a role of first advising the minister on inter agency activities aimed at combating trafficking and the implementation of prevention, protection and prosecution. The committee shall advice the minister on formulation of integrated programs, coordination of policies and programs, coordination of the dissemination on the law, formulation of local and international reintegration programs, progress monitoring and evaluation, consultancy and advocacy, compilation and documentation of data, coordinated and effective response, multi lateral and bilateral cooperation for enhancement of the 3Ps.  On victim support, the committee shall advice on education and protective programs, provision of psycho-social support, community based support mechanisms and self help centers; victim screening, public campaigns and lastly provide information on overseas employment.

Certainly this section has included the many of the involved ministries and other relevant bodies such as the civil societies, trade unions and federation of Kenya employers. One suggestion would have been the inclusion of a representative of the trafficked persons; as the saying goes “no one knows the pain of the shoe apart from the shoe wearer.”


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