Tears for children killed by those they trust

Published on East African Standard Here

A man kills his wife in the most macabre of circumstances. He then hacks his three children to death. And then he rapes his daughter before killing her.

That was in Kisumu yesterday but this sad and heart wrenching story is replicated somewhere in Kenya every day.

Whatever triggers these beastly acts, there is no rationale in snuffing the lives of the young and innocent, who cannot raise a finger; nature has programmed them to believe their father and mother always mean well.

But often the father is the one who sodomises his son, rapes his daughter, or the mother who scalds her son because she believes he stole the Sh10 coin she hid somewhere in the house.

When it happens we express shock but in low whispers concede the red flag was long up in the air. It could also be that the potential murderer is the drug pusher and abuser, who lives next door, but we do nothing because it is not our business; everyone, we foolishly claim has his or her home. What they do their inside their houses is their business, not that of the neighbours or the State.

But most cruelly, long after they have committed suicide, but not before killing those nearest to them, we mourn the innocent lives — forgetting we could have reported them to authorities, the church or even NGOs dealing with such matters.

As for the police, they probably would say they cannot act unless there is a crime, and the chief would merely assemble a few elders and chapter closed. The point is that we, the members of the society and the State, are as guilty as these killers of the innocent.


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