Puzzle of woman killed in lodging

Posted Daily Nation Thursday, June 10 2010 at 21:14

Self-confessed serial killer Philip Onyancha on Thursday said he killed a woman in a lodging in Nakuru town.

The former watchman took detectives, led by the head of Special Crime Prevention Unit Richard Katola, to the lodging and showed them the room he had booked.

At the same time, Onyancha’s secondary school teacher said to have recruited him into a murder cult, gave herself up to the police on Thursday.

The woman, who now teaches at Kitimaiyu secondary in Ruiru, walked into Kahawa Wendani police post where she was booked in and transferred to Kasarani police station.

In Nakuru, detectives were surprised because the murder was not reported by the management of the lodging to the police.

“The owners of this place have many questions to answer because if Onyancha is confessing that he killed the woman, we wonder why the management did not report the matter to the police and what is more perplexing is where the body was  taken to,” said a senior CID officer.

Answering questions from the detectives in the room, Mr Onyancha said he met the woman on Gusii Road and took her to the lodging after paying Sh250.

Detective: “What happened when you were only two of you in the room”?
Onyancha: “I strangled the woman and hid her body in that cupboard (pointing at the cupboard).”
Detective: “Can you describe the kind of woman you are talking about?:”
Onyancha: “She was a fat Kikuyu lady”.
Detective: “Did you suck her blood”?
Onyancha: “Oh yes”.

He was then whisked back to the CID headquarters in the town.


The teacher mentioned by the self-confessed serial killer as the one who recruited him into the macabre business, had earlier been reported missing but was later reported to be in police custody on Thursday evening. The teacher is said to have recruited Mr Onyancha while working at Kenyatta High School, Nyeri, in 1996.


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